Monday, September 14, 2009

emery's first tooth and disneyland!

Aaron and I just got back from southern CA with the Whitworth Volleyball team. We had a tournament there and Aaron had lots of events, and meetings to attend. So the last day we took the volleyball team to Disneyland. Emery came with us on the trip and was a great traveler! Here is the team with Eyore and Emery at Disneyland!
Love these girls. . we have the most amazing twin girls on our team from Hawaii!

Alex loves Emery and holds her every chance she gets! Not to bad to have 13 big sisters for the weekend.
Emery was either wide eyed or asleep at Disneyland . . lots to look at.

Look at that cute little tooth!


Susan said...

How fun was that trip???!!!
A Saturday ago I was at Starbucks (of course) on Division/2nd and there was this grandpa taking two cute little twin boys to the Saturday market!!! They looked so cute following him. Pics of Lucia off to preschool are priceless, to say the least. Emery is just beautiful. Life looks very good for the McMurray family!

Auntie Goons said...

Hi Darc!
Loving you and Aaron and wishing we were closer to ALL the Mcmurrays. Great pics of the family. We loved seeing you all and Whitworth Volleyball kicked some serious butt!!!! We will babysit any day of the week!
Auntie Goons and Uncle Jeffrey

Pat and Patty said...

Looks like your coaching paid off - I thought you would take her and a tooth! Wow, so you done nursing???
Love you

The Tampiens said...

Yay! Glad you got to go on a pre-season trip, and DISNEYLAND!!! Woohooo! I miss coaching with you, and I miss the girls. :(