Wednesday, September 9, 2009

lucia's first day of preschool

Lucia had her first day of preschool today! She did fabulous and continues to be the most enthusiastic human God every made! She loved it! She told me all about everything on the way home. . she told me more details about her day than I've gotten out of the boys in 3 years of taking them to school. Dad met us there to take her on her first day.
Ready to go with her backpack!

And she is off. . .
This little girl has so much personality people are blown away by her talking and enthusiasm! We adore her and she exhausts us!!!!


The Tampiens said...

Dear Lucia,

Can I borrow your outfit... in 358 sizes larger?



Pat and Patty said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the dress and welcome to the world of girls - they talk if you listen :)
Love you

Lindsay Murphy said...

So cute! I miss the first day of school and how my mom used to dress my sister and I up in the craziest/most hip (for the time) outfits. I'm quite jealous of Lucia's. Miss you much!

Anonymous said...



Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

So sweet! What a busy time for you...two different first days!! You're up for mom of the year in my book!

TNKerry said...

Oh my!! Her hair has gotten so long and she looks so grown up. I absolutely love that dress. So glad she loved her first day and told you all about it

Anonymous said...

The pictures bring us so much joy. Thank you. Thank you. So beautiful and sweet.

Grandma and grandpa