Friday, September 18, 2009

lucia at home with mom!

Everyone keeps asking if Lucia misses her brothers since they are gone all day. I wish the answer was yes. . but it is no she LOVES the attention!! Here are some of her favorite activities when she is home with mom. . . . Yep she pulls around her brother's snake all day. . . she runs and gets it the second they get out the door.
Kisses for the snake!

Lucia is in a huge books stage. She wants to read books all day. Mother Goose is her favorite she turns to 'Hey Diddle Diddle' , 'Baa Baa Black Sheep', and 'Puffer Engines', and sings them over and over again. I got it on video and as soon as I learn to download video on blogger I will post it. Her very favorite morning activity is animal tea parties in the bathtub. Some mornings she is in the bath for two hours having different tea parties with all the plastic animals. What could be better when you are two years old? Now she has started star wars tea parties. She of course had to have a set from Disneyland. Our family is so weird!
Concentrating on giving the pig a cup of tea. . .
Little story to leave you with. . and to just document so I don't forget. This morning for preschool she was supposed to bring something with her name on it. So we sent her with a darling blanket made from that our dear friends the Millers gave to her when she came home. It says her full name on it first, middle and last. . .. every time we said "Jacinta" she would say I'm scared of Santa. . I don't like Santa! So now she thinks her middle name is "Santa."


Anonymous said...

...she's the best! i love her!!

TNKerry said...

Love the star wars tea party. Life with two older brothers. We know all about that!!! :)