Sunday, September 20, 2009

way to go kinkade

kinkade came sprinting down the sidewalk from school with another tooth in hand and a super shark award! he lost another tooth at school and now has 4 gaping holes in his mouth! the super shark award read -
"Thank you for being a kind and helpful partner in math yesterday! You're a star!"


Pat and Patty said...

You are so cool KinKade!!!!
How about mac and cheese ;)
Love you

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kinkade! Super Sharks are so awesome!!!

H and H are so behind on the teeth losing deal...they both have to get 2 teeth PULLED in early October because they won't come out!!! So happy for him that they are coming out on their own (it's much easier!!).

xo, KC

The Boggs Family said...

Sweet job, Kinkade! And proud mama (and Dad) moment too - of course! :) Love you guys, we're missing you & hope we get to see you soon. :)