Tuesday, September 8, 2009

first day first grade!

I have to start by saying I LOVE FIRST GRADE!! It is my favorite. I taught first grade for 6 years! It is such a fun age and it is a miracle year with how much they learn! It was so important to me that the boys have a really strong foundation in first grade with a spectacular teacher! Huge answer to prayer we got a super star teacher. I felt when I taught first grade that my number one job was that each studet LOVED school and felt great about them selves as learners. I pray the boys have that year! We are off to a great start with such a quality teacher. Here they are this morning . . Lucia had to have her backpack and be in every picture. She has to do everything the boys do. . . she won't even sit in her high chair anymore. Our four kiddos. . . too many humans to look cute so early in the morning so emery is still in her jammies. But babies are always cute in their jammies:)
Grampy and Grammy of course came up to give the boys kisses and send them off. Then they stayed and watched the girls while we walked the boys to school.

We made quiche for breakfast to get a great start and it is Kinkade's favorite meal! Look who else loved it!
I had to take a walk down memory lane and post all the first day photos of the boys. Here is last year in Kinder.
This is preschool when they were four.

Love these preschool when they were three!

I think first day of school pictures are my favorite all year. It is such an exciting day. I just LOVE school! Maybe that is why I became a teacher. Tomorrow is Lucia's first day of school so stay tuned. . I bet you can't wait to see her first day outfit:)


Anonymous said... fun!! ...i love these boys!! ...and I cannot wait to hear about lucia's first day! love you!

mmsnyder said...

1st grade already?! They are still just as adorable as their pre-school pics!


Keith and Meghan said...

I LOVE first grade!!! and I LOVE first day energy and excitement. Glad they had a good day, I'm sure they will love school (It's gotta rub off from you!).

Pat and Patty said...

What a GREAT day - good luck today as well.