Monday, November 2, 2009

Boo! 09!

we had such a fun halloween! here are my two sweet bumble bees. . . the kids spent all october making construction paper decorations. . . so i tried to display them all together.
i came home to this one evening kinkade thought we needed some outside decorations. i think next time he needs to use just a little bit more tape.
all ready for trick-or-treating - 2 bumble bees and 2 star wars guys.
every year my dad "grampy" is big bird and every year we get a picture with the newest member. this is the last year of that tradition. . the newest member part! we have all the members we can handle!

1 comment:

The gFamily said...

I love your clothespin line of art! I will have to steal that idea! Love it! I love your curtains and plates on the wall too! So fun!

What, no more McMurrays? You do have a lot going on right now! ;)

The costumes are so fun! I love Grampy's costume too! What a fun grandpa!!! Glad you had a great Halloween!!