Wednesday, November 18, 2009

that's our girl!

welcome to my life. . . . it is this. . . or it is this. . . . changing each moment as we go through our day!
my dear friend whitney did a family photo shoot. . . that is where the family photo came from at the top of the blog. she is an aspiring photographer and has definitely found her calling. she is artistic, has a great eye , relational, i could go on and on. i am so excited for this new adventure she is on. you can view more of her work or contact her through her blog i ADORE the pictures she got of my family. she captured every child and their personality perfectly. i was going to do a huge post but i think i will gradually reveal my favorites when it is appropriate like today.
the top photo could be one of my all time favorite pictures of lucia. she has the biggest personality of anyone i have ever met and is enthusiastic about most everything. for example in costco i have my own cheering section as i make it through my list. "mom, you found the cheese good job mom!!!!" in the most enthusiastic voice you have ever heard. then she starts cheering on the other shoppers "you found your cheese too. . way to go!"
we have met almost everyone by the time we leave and if you have not met us you have heard us.
then there is the second photo. . .yep she swings big as my husband says. oh boy this little girl is sassy! she is in a 'i will do everything by myself stage.'
we are beyond blessed to be lucia's forever family. my prayer daily is that she navigates life with the same joy she has always had since the first moment we met her as a newborn.


Lindsay Murphy said...

Absolutely adorable! I loved every single one of the pictures...impossible to choose a favorite. Whit really did an amazing job (not that I'm surprised). Hope you are doing well! We really need to plan a holiday get together-coffee date soon. Love ya!

The Boggs Family said...

Your pics are amazing! LOVE 'em, & can totally see why you do too!!! I clicked on the link you posted & saw more of your family on her blog too.... sooooo dang fun & fantastic! Your family just oozes somethin' contageous that I think all families wish they had. ;) (I won't even try to put it in words 'cause I just couldn't do it justice) So glad you love life & enjoy every inch of your family!! Hugs to you! And P.S. You look rockin' hot, Darc. Man alive - do you really have 4 kids?!!! :)

Pat and Patty said...

Both photos make me cry and laugh and smile - I told you daughters were great for years - right (thanks for loving mine as well :)

Hannah said...

That is perfectly adorable! Our girls would be best friends...and then worst enemies and then best friends again. Do all little girls swing so wildly? Mine does!

She is the header too! You guys are CUTE!!

jonesfamily said...

She is so much fun and so cute!!!! Will you please post more 'sassy' pictures....I love it!


Anonymous said...

cute pics darcy!! (...whitney way to go!)

The gFamily said...

I LOVE that pic of Lucia! She is beyond adorable and her personality just shines in that pic!

Pineapple Princess said...

Oh, my goodness! That is my all-time favorite picture of Lucia! Love her spunk and enthusiasm. She reminds me so much of my Bella.

Your blog header is SO cute!!