Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to our first babies!

love how their invite turned out this year. . i know i have mentioned it many times before but if you are looking for the hippest most fun cards for b-days, announcements, or Christmas they mango ink is the best card company on the planet - had a wonderful birthday weekend for the boys. it always feels really crazy with their birthday falling the day after halloween. these two boys bring so much joy, ENERGY, fun and laughter to our life. they challenge us in parenting daily but it is always so worth it. twins are amazing i have never seen any two humans have such a special bond. they are truly the very best friends. they still have to do everything together yet they are so different. i am so proud of them in school, sports, and most of all for being the most adoring, loving, attentive, protective and fun big brothers i have ever known. i thought these two baby girls we have added to our family in the last year and a half would really cramp their lifestyle but i was completely wrong. they love their sisters so much and it brings a tenderness and sweetness out of them that brings tears to my eyes. they have never once complained about the two babies holding them back. they waited for lucia at every house trick or treating and helped her up and down the stairs and would of held emery if we would of let them. happy 7th birthday my sweet, competitive, strong, happy, energy filled, creative, loving boys!

this picture below is one of my all time favorites. .
the days have not gone quickly with twins but the years have flown by. . how did they get so big.
here is kinkade at our family party! could he be any happier!
and our HAM keagan!


The gFamily said...

Happy Birthday Kinkade and Keagan! I hope you have a great year as 7 year olds!

My oldest will be 7 in a few weeks! Isn't it crazy?!!

Pat and Patty said...

I need a rock update :)

The Boggs Family said...

Happy Birthday to the Boys!:) Loved this post - great invites & super cute pic of the boys on the cover! BTW, the way you describe your kids and the adoration you have for who they are & who you see them becoming... is so touching! I got all welled up just reading this post & seeing that sweet pic of them together as toddlers. You really have a wonderful way with words, but more importantly, with love. It's inspiring, to say the least. Love you guys & hope you have a fantastic month ahead. I'll be in touch... :) Big hugs!

Pineapple Princess said...

Happy bday to Kinkade and Keagan! They are such handsome guys. Seriously!