Monday, November 30, 2009

nov. events & thanksgiving

we had 15 people at our house for Thanksgiving! we had to set two tables for the first time. it was tons of fun. i adore these turkeys the boys made in preschool. i hope i have them forever. they are my favorite thanksgiving decoration.
my mom (grammy) is the most thoughtful human you will ever meat. she had a gift on every plate for each person that was at thanksgiving. it was so sweet.
this is what my living room looks like everyday since grampy comes up every morning before school for breakfast and games but here it is on thanksgiving. there is always a game going on in the living room!
daddy and emery! have i mentioned how fun and smiley this sweet baby girl is. . we are all head over heals with this happy baby girl. ready for the turkey bowl. . . aaron plans a turkey bowl for the morning of thanksgiving each year.
maryn and kehne are here!!! our dearest friends Taudd and Mandolyn had their twins. they were huge and healthy and sooooooooo cute! grammy celebrated her actual birthday babysitting for us! she said there was no other way she would want to spend her birthday. she let the kids put 63 candles on the cake she brought. here is the picture i came home to on my camera. i am glad my house was still standing. thank you grammy for celebrating with us we love you! the day after grammy's birthday we all went out to dinner at red lobster and the highlight was when our hostess actually took a real lobster out of the cage since all my kids wanted to touch it. where did we get these kids????? then grammy and i and the boys went to the browdway production of Lion King. . it was fabulous! I highly recommend it. they boys were the perfect age at seven.


The Tampiens said...

Cutest Thanksgiving place settings EVER!! As usual. :) So glad you and the boys loved The Lion King... it is one of our all-time faves!

Pineapple Princess said...

I love your family sooo much! I love how you all love on each other. What an awesome example!

I enjoyed every single picture, and I loved your table setting. SO CUTE!!

The gFamily said...

I seriously love your thanksgiving table settings! Beautiful! I LOVE orange!

It looks like you guys have been having fun, as always! Emery just adds such a beautiful smile to your family!!