Friday, November 13, 2009

first snow

the first snow of the year. . and the boys rushed home from school got on all their snow clothes and raced outside to play and build a snowman. isn't he so cute. you can see from the picture that it was not very much and is not going to stick but was fun while it lasted.
Then of course in my opinion the very best place to be in the snow THE HOT TUB! after playing in the snow we always jump in the hot tub. some of my favorite memories from my childhood are sitting in the hot tub with snow everywhere and white lights all over. now that is Christmas!

always with their tongues out!
a favorite tradition with the first snow is candy cane hot chocolate. . we save it for the first snow of the year! miss lucia is loving every sip. of course there is tons of pink and green Christmas tree marshmallows on top!
so it was quite the afternoon. . snowman, hot tub, cocoa, and frosty the snowman another first snow tradition!
welcome to our house with snow. . the drill is throw your wet clothes in the house and jump in the hot tub. . . . then we throw them all in the dryer. here is lucia watching the snow fall and surrounded by tons of wet snow clothes. . oh boy here we go winter.


mom said...


I love you blog - I look at it everyday - sometimes twice. Nothing makes me more happy. i love you and your family so much!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you

The Tampiens said...

Such a cute post! You guys make winter and snow look good. :)

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

That is the world's cutest snowman. Especially since it was created w/ such a thin layer of snow. I'm impressed. You have me thinking of traditions right now...there's a whole new beginning w/ kids, huh?! What fun!

Anonymous said...

Such an amazing mom!! Love you--Rachelle

The gFamily said...

Candy cane hot chocolate, hot tubs, snowmen, and Frost the Snowman... you do snow the right way! That sounds like SO much fun!!