Monday, February 7, 2011

time to move to the back burner mom!

this little boy of mine has made the transition. .. he has always been an extreme mama's boy attached every second he could be. there were many periods in his toddler years he would not let anyone else hold him or touch him. i was told that there would come a time when he would idealize his dad and i would take the back burner. and this could not be more true these days. it has happened gradually but it has definitely happened.our red headed passionate, talented, affectionate, emotional, full- of- life keagan wants to be just like dad!
he had a red Mohawk for a couple of years and his eyes still get me. . . i never thought i would have a blue eyed little boy!
it hit big this weekend when we were in staples getting valentine supplies and keagan came over with a black leather journal that he wanted to buy with his spending money. now if you know aaron very well. . .you are aware he has way too many leather journals. i started making a list in my mind of all the big and little things where keagan is following in his dad's footsteps right now. .

- keagan points out all suburbans as we drive which aaron has been doing since we started dating.

- keagan loves Notre Dame Football. . which his dad has been the biggest fan since he was little.

- keagan begs us to see lord of the rings since his dad is obsessed. so aaron has started showing him a few scenes. now he draws maps of the scenes in his journal.. . that is his leather journal and of course he got his love of maps from his dad.

- keagan reads tintin and asterix the gaul - comic strip books that his dad read when he was little.

- keagan is excelling at the piano just like his dad.

- aaron has this weird thing where he never sits on the couch to watch tv or movies he sits on the floor leaning against the couch. . well you will only find keagan on the floor watching college hoops or a movie never on the couch.

- keagan is already obsessed with cell phones mmmmmmmm. . . like his dad has been since the first one came out.

- MUSIC! oh boy their love of music . . they talk music all the time. . . keagan loves all the music that dad does. . especially coldplay!

- it has gotten so bad that i have to tell aaron not to ever say he does not like any certain food or i will hear the same words out of keagan's mouth a few days later. ."um mom please don't put any onions in mine."

thank god i adore his dad and think there is no man on this earth i would rather keagan idealize and follow in his steps.

love you keagan it is such a fun ride watching you grow up!

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