Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentines love. . .

we had a wonderful busy valentines day! i love that my boys make homemade valentines every year. i thought this would be the year they were to old or cool. . but no they decided to make every kid in their class a special paper airplane and decorate each one with a theme that person loves. . like mario, seahawks, flowers, cats. . . they turned out great! i spent the weekend somewhere sunny with friends it was beyond fabulous. we collected heart rocks on the beach for our valentines at home. . . more to come next post!
i found murphy on the stairs like this. . lucia made her a valentine.
i actually made valentine cookies and they were actually good. . this is a major accomplishment for me!
i love these tulips my sweet valentine got me. . .
hope you felt loved on valentines day! we ended with a special dinner my parents brought over and lots of cute underwear for everyone. . of course!

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Nicole said...

i'm sure i've said this before but i love how your family celebrates holidays! i should have sent you a cinnabon :) happy valetine's day to the mcmurray family!!!