Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lighz out = the spoilers

the boys played in their first official keep score basketball league. we were all second graders and we played in the y competitive third grade league. some games great idea . . some games worst idea we've ever had. over all it was a good season of learning and improving. there were 14 teams and our goal was to finish in the top half. . well we were fifth. there was one huge highlight of the season. . . . we beat the undefeated team the last game of the season. they had not lost yet and we had a spectacular night and won! my dad and i coached. i have not yet coached the boys and it was a good experience for all of us. my dad explained the term "spoilers" to the boys - we spoiled their undefeated record!


ryan & janny said...

Great season!! fun to watch!! The team improved soooooo much from the first game to the last!! Nice coaching!! :)

Jen said...

Even if you lose every other game....Isn't it fabulous to beat the undefeated team!!!! Yeah!
Of course, winning is way more fun anyway!