Thursday, February 24, 2011

cold mornings at home

it has gotten so cold. . here are some snapshots of february cold mornings at home. today was a snow day - no school for all of us. of course some hot tub time in the new snow. last weekend we did a scavenger hunt for the kids to reveal where grammy and grampy are taking us for spring break. aaron wrote riddles all over the house.
new snow. .
our sweet kinkade who loves to be all wrapped up in a blanket. every morning he walks around wrapped in a blanket the first hour he is awake.
we have discovered multi-grain pancakes. blueberry multi-grain pancakes are so delicious. emery loves to stir.
this cracked me up. she loves her babies.
we are trying to make the best of the cold weather. . but i am ready for spring!


Keith and Meghan said...

1. SUPER jealous of the hot tub today---looks like a blast. Is it required that you go topless?
2. Totally gonna need the pancake recipe. YUM!
3. I want to get to know Emry. She looks fun. Love that dolly picture! & Kendall has those same jammies.

Kelsey Eberth said...

So where are you going?!?! And yes I am at work right now...educating young minds and checking your blog! I'm so talented :-)

The Tampiens said...

Soooo...? Where are you going for Spring Break?!? :)

Lindsay Murphy said...

Emry is soooo tall!!! Love the hot tub shot. Miss the McMurrays...

The gFamily said...

I am SO ready for spring!! We have had more snow days this year than ever before! It all just melted AGAIN and I hoping for it to now return!

Loved the glimpse into your house in the mornings! I can't wait to hear where you are going for spring break!!