Sunday, May 3, 2009

check out these pics!

For a shower gift from my two dear friends KayC. and Grace they gave me a gift certificate to this fabulous photographer. . . . . I loved her and how the pictures turned out! How are we ever going to choose?!?!

Here is the link if you are interested -

Go to - enter site
Go to - client lounge
password - darcy



HewaFam said...

These are amazing Darcy! I don't know how you will ever choose. Really, what a gorgeous family! Hope to see you soon. Love you.

Pat and Patty said...

oh my...Good Luck choosing - I kept saying that's my favorite (over and over and over :)

You are all BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing

Jason & Shannon said...

The pictures are amazing! You have such a beautiful family. There are so many great pictures. I love the first one of the whole family on the floor.


Susan said...

My gosh...those are all beautiful! Glad you are choosing and not me.
What great family pics!!

Nicole said...

Darcy!! You have an impossible task ahead of you because all those pictures are phenomenal. You have been blessed with the most beautiful family.

The gFamily said...

BEAUTIFUL! I have no idea how you are going to pick! They are all so good!!

Lindsay Murphy said...

Oh my are you ever going to decide!!! These pics are amazing. Excuse me! When did your family get so big:) You're the most beautiful family I know. Love you!