Sunday, May 3, 2009

weeky (grampy) and the school buses

When the boys were 2 years old my dad watched them at our house every morning while I taught half time. And, every morning he would walk them down to the corner by the elementary school to count and watch the school buses come by. They LOVED school buses. It is so crazy Lucia is 2 months from being two and all of a sudden she is enthralled with school buses.. . . so Grampy (Lucia calls him Weeky) go down every morning to count the school buses. I am not teaching this year but Grampy comes over each morning to talk with Keagan, Kinkade, and Lucia during breakfast and play games before the boys go to school. He likes to start his day with his grand kids. It was so sweet to watch them walking down the sidewalk I had to take a picture. Ready to go Weeky. . she now starts talking to him about the buses from the moment he walks in the door.

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