Saturday, May 9, 2009

double chins. . . spring soccer & concerts

Lucia thinks she is on the soccer team. She joins every huddle and team meeting and would be on the field if we let her. Actually she pretty much thinks she is the center of everything. There is not one shy bone in this little girls body. She is the most outgoing brave almost two year old I have ever met.

Keagan with a beautiful cross.
Kinkade on a corner kick.
Lucia at the half time meeting.
Spring Friendship concert for Kindergarten. Keagan ended up almost throwing up and passing out on the risers so he had to make an early exit. Why do we have to be "that family" the drama family? I kept him home the next day b/c I think everyone thought we had swine flu!
It is fun to have Emery's eyes open more now. . we cannot tell what color they are going to be. They are kind of a dark blue that looks different every day. We finally think she is looking a lot like Kinkade looked at this age. Yes, miss emery pearl has a new chin at 6 weeks old!


colleen said...

Hi Darcy,
I love the pix! The commentary about lucia always makes me smile. What a little sparkler she is!
Can't wait to see you guys.....
Are you coming to the lake over memorial?

The Boggs Family said...

Love that chin! :) Love your family. Hope you guys enjoy a great Mother's-day weekend...
P.S. You guys are amazing.

Hugs from us 4! :)