Thursday, May 14, 2009


Is this normal? Does your fridge look like this? MILK. . MILK. . . MILK
Someone told me once that having boys was a a constant sticky house, lots of milk, cereal, and jeans!
Well we escaped the jeans so far the boys hate jeans and only wear shorts, sweats, and cargos.
But we buy more milk than anyone I know. We go through a half gallon a day if not more and we need so many different kinds! Every family member has a different kind of milk. . after writing that last part I realize this is totally high maintenance!

*Organic Vanilla Soy milk - The boys favorite every night before bed and a full cup first thing in the morning. They would have it all day long but I have to draw the line somewhere.

* Regular 2% for cereal

* Whole milk for Lucia apparently from 1-2 this is the best kind of milk for toddlers.

* Half and Half for my husband who has to have it in his coffee and actually he would poor it on everything but again you have to draw the line somewhere.

* Not pictured Organic Vanilla milk boxes for packed lunches everyday

* Also not pictured breast milk for Emery I thought that might be inappropriate for the blog.

So is this normal that our entire fridge is filled with milk and we are constantly restocking?

mmmmmmmm. . . . . . is this going to get better or worse as the kids get older . . HELP!


misty thomas said...

Darcy & Aaron: I absolutely love your blog!! And YES ... this is normal. (I know it's probably strange to you that I read your blog, but for me, it's like going down 'memory lane'.) Looks to me like you all are doing a fabulous job in this season of your busy lives. May God richly bless and strengthen you as you do His work raising these four beauties. Love, Misty Thomas (mother to three wonderful sons, and now grandma to three beautiful grand-daughters with another bundle on the way). BLESSINGS!!

Susan said... might as well invest in a cow or two! Scott drank a gallon of milk a day from the time he was little and more in high school! People at the store thought I had several kids....nope. Just two and one wasn't much of a milk drinker!!!

Pat and Patty said...

Do it now while they are laying down bones!!!!
Good for you they will love you for it someday.
Hugs - I'll bring you a gallon for dinner on Friday :)

Tinseth Family said...

WOW! We are down to 5 gallons each week - 2 skim milks, 3 1% for the boys. Plus fat-free cream for Dave's coffee and fat-free vanilla cream for my coffee. Love having boys - well, most of the time!

ryan & janny said...

...i miss this.

The Tampiens said...

Don't you worry... the Tampiens refrigerator is way more packed than yours. :) Just ask Jordan!

The gFamily said...

Yep, you need a cow and a goat!! :)

We get skim, whole, and chocolate. In a few months we will be down to skim and chocolate. I can't wait!! I have completely converted hubby to skim and the boys don't know any different. I think it's great that your kids drink so much!! Mine drink quite a bit too!

Anonymous said...

Darcy, 6 - 8 gallons a week here. My suggestion, get another fridge to hold all the milk, its almost a must!!