Sunday, May 17, 2009

emery smiles!

First a big smile for Grampy. . then Mommy then Daddy!


The Boggs Family said...

NO WAY! Look at that adorable face of hers -- it's like, all that pent up joy & excitement finally had to come out & wow did it ever -- LOVE her smile!!! :)

jonesfamily said...

So fun!!! When I look at her I still can't believe you have FOUR kids!!! She is beautiful! Man, you had a big week between smiles, reading, and tying shoes! Tell Keagan and Emery the Jones family says way to go!!!

PS I like her competitive drive...she couldn't let Keagan have all the attention this week.

The Tampiens said...

I am in love with her smile. She is so beautiful, just like her mom and her sister. :) I can't wait to meet her in a few days!!!

The gFamily said...

Oh, and that is an adorable smile! Love it!

So glad to see the flower headband again! I remember seeing that on Lucia and thinking just how beautiful she looked with it on! And now Emery is wearing it and looking beautiful! So fun!!