Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We had to go visit New Baby Moses!

It is so crazy when your baby brother (who is now 30) has a baby and is a Dad! Moses was born last Thursday May 22nd and Grammy bought tickets to Boston the next morning for Grammy, Auntie Darcy and Baby Emery to go meet him! So we flew out Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and got home really late Monday night. Quick trip and lots of flying but so worth it. Cousins. . . Emery and Baby Moses. Emery is almost exactly 2 months older. They weighed exactly the same amount when the were born 7 lbs. 3 oz.
Sweet Moses posing for his photo shoot.
Since Grampy didn't come he wanted to see a comparison picture of size. Emery looks huge when she is only 10 lbs. now. Oh how fast they grow.
Daddy kissing Moses. My brother is already a really involved, helpful, thoughtful, intentional Dad and I am not one bit surprised. Everything he puts his heart into he does 150%!
The babies were looking up so we all looked up too:) Doesn't mama Grace look great.
What is it with new dads and their pride in the swaddle. Damian schooled us on swaddling the entire weekend. I remember Aaron being the swaddling master with the boys when they were born and now he swaddles Emery so tight she turns pink.

Grammy and Damian in Harvard Square buying flowers for Mama Grace.

My first nephew.

Damian and Baby Crissen (Grace's sisters baby, Moses cousin on the other side.)
What a proud Daddy.
Boston was so much fun! And we loved getting to meet Moses and see Damian and Grace. Emery was perfect. She did not make a peep for 12 hours total on the plane there and back. I think she loved the one on one attention she got from mom which is so rare in this crazy household.


The Boggs Family said...

Soooo sweet. Ahh, I am thrilled for your brother & his wife and their adorable new baby boy! I laughed to myself at that picture where you are all looking up; does your shirt say city FARTS?! :) hahah. Probably not, but I thought it was funny...

Glad you had such a stellar weekend away. Love to you guys!
P.S. We put an offer on a house up by you (kinda) behind Whitworth off of N. Five Mile Rd. We should hear back in a week or so; we were one of 3 offers and it is a long shot, but is fun to try. Praying for whatever God has for us & are still showing our house & hoping it will sell sooner than later too. I'll keep ya posted.

The Tampiens said...

How fun for Emery and Moses to be introduced for the first time! I love fun cousin stories!! :)