Monday, March 15, 2010

bits of our weekend

I saw this on a blog I like to follow where she gave a "bits of weekend post." So I thought I would give it a try. This was a pretty lay low weekend around here. The boys did not have school Friday so the weekend started with making a lot of chocolate chip cookies . . Lucia the treat Queen was ecstatic! The rest of the weekend was dominated by March Madness! It is so fun that the boys understand bracketology now! And they can read all the teams. So selection Sunday was a big day around here. They are in two pools now. . and the picture below is them filling out their brackets on ESPN. We have a family pool going which is so fun. While her brothers watch and talk about basketball . . . Lucia has caught the "book bug" in a big way. She reads all the time. We cannot believe how she can remember almost every book we have read to her word for word. She retells the stories in the car and at meals. Now there are two things that she does quietly. . eat ice cream and read books. She read books all weekend.
Ryan and Janny surprised us on Sunday afternoon with treats and mimosas then came along for Sunday night family dinner which happened to be a double celebration St. Patricks Day / Selection Sunday! We love you Ryan and Janny!
Dad and Lucia wearing their sparkle hats at dinner.
Green pizza, green salad, green Gatorade, and of course lots of green decorations and props. . . only at Grammy Sparkles House!
So there it is our weekend . . .I'm not sure I can commit to this on Mondays but it was fun to document what went on around here. I guess there are not any pictures of Emery Pearl. .she is not feeling well again.. . . . sort of low grade temp and really really runny nose but she was a trooper and slept a lot.

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The gFamily said...

That sounds like a wonderful, relaxing weekend! And it wouldn't be a holiday without a celebration at Granny Sparkles House! I just love her! I want to be her when I grow up!! ;)

Thank you for your comment about our adoption! It actually made me cry! I just really need confirmation this time around and your vision gave me just that! I know we are following the Lord's plan for our family, but I admit that I am scared sometimes. So thank you!