Thursday, March 18, 2010

green. . .spring. . . footprints. . . then and now

happy first st. patrick's day emery pearl! at this time last year you were planning your early entry into the world in about a week!this could be my new favorite picture. . i love the sweetness and expressions and the lighting. what a wonderful big sister . . . most of the time:) love the little hand on emery's shoulder.

we have been so blessed with lots of sunny days. . .when it is sunny i cannot help myself. . . i run out and buy a bunch of tulips and put them in mason jars. . it just makes me so happy!
tulips + mason jars = pure happiness then i get out my spring votives and put in orange and lemon tea lights and it feels like spring.

if you know me really well. . . every season i have to change the pillows. so each spring i spoil myself with one new spring pillow that i adore! get ready here it is . . it is soooo cute! okay i have to confess that i got a few more pillows this year because the covers were on sale at target for 3.99$ look at those fabulous lime polka-dot pillows. at home during the day all i have to do is take a peak over at my new pillows and i just know sunshine is on it's way!
the boys love making leprechaun traps. . .this year it was an optional fun project for school. when they got to school their trap had little green footprints all over it. . so fun this is why I Love first grade!
i just have to do a then and now picture parade of lucia of st. patrick's day because . . . well just because this is the first holiday she has been here for three years! and . . she is just so darn cute! so here it goes starting with yesterday. . . we see this expression often these days it is from the story "knuffle bunny" by mo williams. the expression comes from the part in the story when trixie realizes something (her knuffle bunny got left at the laundrymatt). . and her eyes get huge! lucia loves to imitate this face all the time and tells us she is realizing something!last year with her cast. . .

2008 just a couple weeks after getting home!

happy spring!

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mmsnyder said...

I can't believe how big Lucia has gotten... she looks so itty-bitty but she has grown so much since last St. Patrick's day! Chris and I were driving in the Midway area last weekend and when we looked down your street sure enough... Keagan and Kinkade were out shooting hoops. :) Your kids are so adorable! Happy Spring!