Friday, March 12, 2010

dear God please expand my range

As we were praying before bed last night. . . .Keagan said I just want to ask God to please extend my range on the court. Now this might concern some. .but in my family this warms our hearts! If you are not a basketball family. . he is asking God to help him shoot farther away from the basket. The boys had a great season in upward this year.. . . Grampy and Dad coached together again. I did not get any pictures during the season because keeping two little girls occupied in the stands during the game took both my hands and more. . . let's just say a lot of lollipops and snacks. My mom snapped these pictures the last game. Keagan and Kinkade are officially hoopsters they dribble their basketball to school everyday and shoot baskets in the driveway ALL the time! When I dreamed of having little boys I always dreamed of watching them play basketball and playing with them. The girls join the picture!
Last team cheer for David's Mighty Men!
And the brown eyed McMurray Girls!
Here's to years and years of basketball bliss!

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The Boggs Family said...

How sweet! Tell the boys awesome job with their court skills this year --- what fun! ;) Love how involved you & Aaron are with your kids; and picturing you keeping the girls occupied in the stands while cheering Keags & Kinkade on! ;) FUN... and, I didn't have a chance yet to comment on your last post of Emery---- TOOOOO dang cute! She totally IS such a mix, and yet her own little person at the same time. Wow. Beautiful kids you've got there McMurray fam! Love you guys!