Monday, March 29, 2010

happy first birthday emery pearl

we had a breakfast birthday party for emery pearl & daddy. . it was fabulous and really special. here she is waiting patiently for her first birthday "maple bar!" we LOVE maple bars around here and breakfast so we decided this would be the perfect celebration. . . a little nervous when we all started singing to her.
checking out the maple bar with keagan.
"i think i am going to like this!"
"but i'm not sure what to do with it?. . . "
getting my hands messy . . . first bites of heaven!
yep i'm a mcmurray LOVE the maple bar!
daddy and emery ready to celebrate!
lots of mimosas, tulips, and yummy maple bars!the rest of the day we spent napping, opening gifts, eating take-out chinese food and going in the hot tub! we have a hot tub tradition on the each child's first birthday. . . it is the big day to finally join the rest of the family in one of our favorite places. . . the hot tub!
emery loved the hot tub!

can't believe it has been a year! love this sweet baby girl so much! you complete us in so many ways! the perfect day. . . sun, maple bars, friends, hot tub, friends and family. . all our favorite things!


ryan & janny said...

so pretty!! sorry i missed it!!
love, janny

The Tampiens said...

So glad we got to celebrate with the McMurray fam!! Love the hot tubs pics... so fun!

Pat and Patty said...

So GLAD YOU were born Emery Pearl!!!!!!!
Pat and Patty

The gFamily said...

No, she cannot be a year old already!! How did that happen? It looks like she had an amazing day of firsts on her first birthday! Man, she's cute!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!