Tuesday, March 30, 2010

it just works. . happy birthday!

*you love trivia pursuit and i can't stand it.

*you love depeche mode, erasure, and crowded house and i'd rather eat a bucket of worms then listen to them for 2 seconds they all scare me!

*you hate cilantro and I would rub it all over my body and eat it on everything!

*you sing every second of the day and everyone LOVES your voice. . i never sing and everyone is glad.

*you sleep with barely anything on and no covers and i can't get enough clothes made of fleece on my body and blankets over me.

* you love movies with adventure and violence and i only like movies where humans get married or have a baby!

* you love to listen to music all the time and i love to look at pictures!

but for some reason we adore each other and can't get enough of each other! i can truly say i have fallen in love with you more every year. we have worked hard on our marriage. we both are committed to making marriage. . fun and deep, and our first priority behind our faith. we both believe with all our hearts the very best gift we can give our children is a great marriage. you are an amazing man who works so hard to make us all happy, protect us and provide for us in every way. i still look at you and thank God for the greatest gift he has ever blessed me with an incredible husband who is deeply committed to his faith, family and callings in his life. i think you are hot, funny, thoughtful, intentional, and you are my favorite human on the planet!
there are some similarities
* we both love church, Jesus, our four crazy kids, college basketball, seasonal hand washing soaps, candles, white Christmas lights, sun, relaxing vacations, traveling, jeans and hoodies, coaching, hummus, snuggling every second we can, reading, sushi, picnics, the sun, cute summer dresses, lakes, the color red, friday night lights, wine, you hated coffee when we got married now we both love starbucks and coffee with flavored creamer every morning, we are passionate about adoption, our faith, authentic marriage, giving, living simply and intentionally, education and teaching, loving well, investing in people. . .
i could go on and on. . i love you so much . . happy birthday!


Pat and Patty said...

AND we are glad you were born as well Aaron!!!
Happy B-Day

Darcy - LOVED the post


Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

What sweet thoughts. You both are a blessing to many. Happy Birthday, Aaron!

The Boggs Family said...

:) Smiling big... loved this post! Happy Birthday, Aaron, with much love from us Boggs'. ;)

Lindsay Murphy said...

Love this post. Love you guys. Happy Bday Aaron!

The gFamily said...

You guys are adorable! It's obvious that you guys are so in love with each other! Love that!!

Happy birthday Aaron!

Cathy said...

Hmm. All sounds so familiar.

Beautiful post, Darcy.

Love you both.