Thursday, March 11, 2010

the perfect combination

everyone always asks who emery looks like. . well from the beginning i have always said she is the perfect combination of the boys. i pulled out these baby pictures of the boys from when they were about her age and i can't believe how she is a cross between the two. then there are times when she just looks like emery pearl. . . emery's eyes - the shape of keagan's eyes and the color of kinkade's eyes. (keagan is on the left and kinkade is on the right)
same hair as kinkade and same crooked little smile as kinkade. . .

this picture tells the story the best for me if you cover up one of the them the resemblance is amazing but the same if you cover up the other one. same face structure as keagan but same head shape and size as kinkade.
emery makes that exact same expression as keagan in this picture. . .and laughs hard like kinkade all the time.

here she is our sweet surprise emery pearl. . . .

since she spends the most time with lucia she acts the most like lucia . . .silly, loud, and JOYFUL!
it was funny at church last week within five minutes two different people said these phrases. .
"emery looks exactly like kinkade."
"emery looks exactly like keagan."
in the grocery store i get so many stares . . i'm never sure if it is because there are so many kids or how different they all look from each other or just that people can't quite figure us out. . . .


Pat and Patty said...

LUV< LUV<LUV. Boy where does the time go...sure she has some similar looks but she has her own look as well - which is B-Eautiful!!!!

Miss you

The Tampiens said...

I'm pretty sure the stares are due to the fact that you have the cutest family on the planet!! :)

grandma sue said...

Look at those big, beautiful eyes!!!

jones family said...

The Jones' vote that Emery is the perfect combo! She has Kinkade's amazing almond shape eyes, and Keagan's round, chubby cheeks!
We can not wait to see all of those eyes and cheeks in person this weekend,
We love you!