Wednesday, April 7, 2010

southern charm

it's true the south is charming! i have never spent lots of time in the south and i loved every minute of our vacation! we spent five nights four days on a little island called tybee island. . . we flew into savannah georgia and drove about 40 minutes and came to the most quaint charming darling little island called TYBEE! the houses were old, unique, beautiful and each one had so much character. the people were so lovely. . . i went to pick up peanut butter from the small grocery store and at check out I was called honey, darlin, and sweetie all in about 45 seconds! our favorite thing about the island was it is not one bit commercialized and so charming! i would put this little family reunion vacation in my top three trips of my life. we chose this location b/c my brother and his wife are in their last stage of preparation before they leave to be missionaries in central asia. they are in intense language training in south carolina and tybee island was a short drive for them to meet us. this first post about the trip is all about family time. we all stayed in this wonderful house with a HUGE screened porch it had tons of comfy chairs and a fabulous porch swing. it was so good to just be together. grampy and grammy thank you for making it all happen and splurging for our family so we could be together at an amazing place! the weather could not have been more perfect high 70's low 80's everyday! sun on spring break and easter is my dream come true! lots of snuggling!
i love this face and the color of the swing could not be more perfect. . i want to paint every piece of furniture i have this color! i also had to get a close up of "the curl" right behind her ear. i have never seen a curl on a mcmurray head.

we ate at this crazy place called the crab shack. . there were real crocodiles, and a exotic bird room - the kids loved the animals. here are the older three in the gift shop! i love how lucia copies everything her brother's do. . well most of the time:)

we read and read and read!

grammy sent a box ahead with monster basketball for the family to enjoy! hours of entertainment!
we ate out tons and had amazing seafood!
we rented bikes and rode all over the town. . .and on the beach the bikes had fat tires so you could ride on the beach. keagan got up at 6am one morning to go on a sunrise bike ride with grampy and grammy!
keagan and kinkade fell in love with Tintin books. . they were aaron's favorite books when he was in elementary school. so sweet. . .
we loved spending time with uncle damian and auntie grace. we are going to miss them so much.
and of course baby mo mo as lucia calls cousin moses.
auntie grace got to experience an emery masher kiss!
emery and moses are six weeks apart and loved each other. crawling around the entire time.
family + sun + the beach = perfect vacation! stay tuned for more!


melifaif said...

Looks like loads of fun...would love to visit one day!

The Tampiens said...

Sounds like an amazing vacation!! Can't wait to see more pics! So glad you guys got to relax and spend time with the fam.

The Boggs Family said...

Soooooo sweet! Am elated you guys could have that family time together (as a big group, too!)... awesome, awesome, awesome! I love the South. It is so endearing; something about it - the way when you're there you feel like it wraps its arms around you and welcomes you in - your word, charming, is so appropriate for what I've experienced in the South too. Glad you had such a fantastic time & loved all your great pics!!!