Thursday, April 8, 2010

sunny easter!

we had a sunny glorious fun filled easter on tybee island. we woke up and went straight to the beach to greet the day then. . . . home to a wonderful breakfast . . got dressed up and went to a sweet little church then back home to lots of easter activities! grammy died eggs with the older kids on the lovely porch and they loved every second! what a precious memory.
lots of grammy snuggles!
and of course bunny outfits. yep the bunny outfits made it to georgia:) grammy has outfits for every holiday. she is the holiday queen as the boys call her! she sent them ahead now that is impressive. . . my husband is such a good sport!
the egg hiders had to be in full costume. . normal huh?????? grampy is used to this now.
emery and lucia had the sweetest easter dresses from tiny sprouts. i LOVE their clothing it is simple, sweet and quality! the dresses were perfect! check out tiny sprouts it is the sweetest baby clothing out there!
keagan is the so passionate about his baby sisters. he loves them with all his heart!
love this swing and these four kids so much look how much they have changed since last year
or the year before lucia's first easter home
i adore this picture with kinkade and lucia they have the most precious fun relationship. kinkade plays with lucia ALL the time and plays anything she wants. he is so sweet and patient with her.
the whole outfit was from tiny sprouts even the leggings! they were darling with ruffles on the bottom!
it was such a special sunny easter.. . . the best ever! we ended the day with going to a wonderful little restaurant a 3 minute walk from the house to watch the sunset.