Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the easter bunny came early

everybody came home from church palm sunday to a note on the door from the easter bunny that he came a week early because he had heard the mcmurray family was going to be out of town. here is daddy and emery waiting for the clues. the bunny sent all the kids on a scavenger hunt looking for their baskets (fun idea from my really creative friend kc.) i knew the boy's favorite part would be helping the girls read the clues and finding their baskets!

i still can't get over how fun it is to do a little girl's basket. . sandals, wands, books, binkies, bows.. . . it is a blast!

keagan concentrating on reading the clues.
lucia's basket was in the tub:)

emery loving her new books!
the boys got big maps in their easter baskets - they have been asking to have maps all over their room! this is what i found before bed. . . two boys reading and studying maps. 
stay tuned for the next post we had the most glorious spring break and easter at the most charming place. . . here are a few clues about where we went. . . big screened porches, sun, beaches, grits, "the last song". . .

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