Friday, April 9, 2010

we found a slice of heaven

mornings at the beach in tybee! it was truly heaven. we would wake up grab bananas and granola bars and take a five minute walk through a charming neighborhood to this beautiful beach. i can't believe some people live this daily. i love this first picture of the boys out in the water together, aaron and lucia with their feet in the tide and emery crawling around. the beach is so freeing almost like a spiritual experience. we all just loved to start each day together playing at the beach. i am a little biased but could this little girl be any cuter?

the boys would kick off their shoes and rip off their shirts and sprint into the waves
the first morning emery crawed right down into the water and sat in it and was so sweet of the two girls. taking pictures at the beach is so fun.
love these eyes. . .keagan could not wait to experience the atlantic ocean!

this could be one of our new all time favorite pics of lucia and dad. aaron and i both just starting cracking up when we saw it . . lucia has more expressions than anyone i know. this little body has the biggest personality!

the waves were perfect not too big not too small. . the boys had a blast!
there were these great swings all over the beach. we have to go back as soon as possible. the re-entry back to spokane has been rough. it is freezing here. it was snowing as we drove home from the airport when it hasn't snowed all winter. we really did just have an amazing vacation.

family. . . beach. . . sun. . . and charming. someday i want to wake up and see water every morning wouldn't that be glorious. . maybe that is heaven!


Pat and Patty said...


The Tampiens said...

I agree... there is nothing better than beach photos!! And yes, I think waking up on the water every day is HEAVEN. :)

Jen said...

Great beach photos!
Your family is precious and looks like you all had so much fun!
We are all longing for our beach vacation later this year!
:) Jen

Hannah said...

Those are great pictures! You gotta love a little beach time with the ones you love :)