Friday, April 23, 2010

you got a red head!

in my heart i always knew i would raise a red head. i think it was God preparing me my whole life. he gave me a curly red headed little brother first. . and years later he gave a red headed baby boy.. . . keagan. when i was pregnant with the boys i told people that one would have red hair and nobody believed me since aaron and i both have dark hair. the first thing our doctor said when the boys were born was "you got a red head!" and the adventure began. if there is one word that describes keagan it is PASSION! it is the best thing about him and the hardest. he puts us on our knees praying to God for guidance weekly. we can't believe all his talents he is a natural athlete, plays the piano by ear, and his artwork amazes us. this little boy is going to do amazing things in the world but my very favorite thing about keagan is how deeply and passionately he loves his family!

keagan will be seven and a half may first. i wanted a snapshot of who he is right now so we made this poem together. i would start the sentence and he would finish it with his creative personaltiy. i used to do this with my first graders at the end of the year. so i could not pass up my own first graders in my house. none of these answers were prompted he is such a silly guy!

keagan thomas

funny, athletic, friendly

son of aaron and darcy

lover of basketball, soccer, reading

big fan of Duke University, Gonzaga bulldogs, Boston celtics

who feels intense, hard working, loving

who finds happiness in playing basketball, cuddling with mom and dad, pulling kinkade's hair at school

who needs patience, support, kinkade

who gives the gift of music, hugs to my friends, great passes in basketball

who fears Gollum, earthquakes, asparagus

who would like to see Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Argentina

who enjoys playing basketball, playing soccer, picking up snakes with conner

who likes to wear basketball shorts, t-shirts, dad's Marquette hat

who is good at basketball, soccer, reading

who loves mom, dad, kinkade, lucia, emery, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and God

who wants to be the starting point guard for Duke University, as good of a singer as dad, and an artist

who likes to eat kale smoothies, homemade vanilla ice cream, pizza



The Boggs Family said...

I am partial to sweet little redheads too. ;) hahaha. Loved this post! Sure love your kiddos and thought it really special you'd do a highlight on Keagan like this... gawl, he really is such a wonderful little guy!!! Am smiling from his creative finishes to your poem - what a fantastic idea! And, I have to ask: what do you put in your kale smoothies that they'd be in his top 3 to name as faves to eat? ;)

Pat and Patty said...

Along with the tears in reading this (and they are joyful ones) I laughed - I LOVE his passion and pray he has it forever.
I love you Keags!!! GO DUKE - It could happen :)


jones family said...

I wanna know what goes in the kale smoothie too???? Tell Keagan we love his poem and miss him very much. Love to all the Mcmurrays,
from the Jones Fam:)

Jen said...

Hi Darcy! I found your blog last fall, then facebooked you 'cause I couldn't figure out how to comment. I've been enjoying your blog ever I have a blog too. This is the sweetest post about your little red head! We are Duke fans too....but we live much closer to Duke than you guys. And my little ones like to pick up snakes too...Yikes!
Happy weekend!
:) Jen

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so adorable and fun. what an amazing handsome kid! Wasn't he so cute when he was little?
Thanks for reminding us.

Anonymous said...

that's got to be the cutest thing ever! what a wonderful idea--he truly is amazing and you are so creative! love you all--meghan