Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tender hearted

my dad described kinkade as the most tender hearted little boy he has ever known. i would have to completely agree. he has always been so compassionate to other people and how he can help them. he blows us away with his compassion and empathy. the other night i let both the boy's watch a few minutes of idol gives back. after the segment on Africa and malaria i looked over and they both were in tears. kinkade then went upstairs to get his giving jar and started planning a mission trip to help the people in Africa. that night he slept with us he was so upset about their situation and just kept praying for them. he told me he would go there to help even if it was just for three people. he is beyond unselfish for his age always giving and sharing and thinking of others. we are so proud of who kinkade is and his heart for people and the world. i was trying to find pictures of just kinkade to post but all of my favorite pictures of him are with someone else. . . . he truly is the happiest when he is with people!

here is the poem that kinkade and i did together. i was amazed at how self reflective he was and i just adore how sweet and tender hearted this little boy is. yet he is also tough as nails. . . you may have noticed kinkade's teeth these last few posts. the story goes.. . he and his brother were playing dunk hoops and he did a reverse dunk and got his two front permanent adult teeth caught in the net. they both were completely fractured at the crown and all the ligaments were torn. it has been traumatic and painful for kinkade but he has been so tough and handled the situation with grace and tons of character. at times i think it has been harder on mom and dad then him. after a really long night the day it happened kinkade said to us when he got into bed - "is it okay to pray for yourself?"

love this little guy so much!

kinkade trever

funny, athletic, awesome

son of aaron and darcy

lover of basketball, soccer, and reading

big fan of school, conner, boston celtics

who feels lucky, awesome, friendly

who finds happiness in playing with conner, presents, keagan

who needs sleep, God's love, friends

who gives compassion, laughter, an example to be good

who fears being alone, earthquakes, hurricanes

who would like to see a parrot, India, the eiffel tower

who enjoys running, playing basketball, reading

who likes to wear basketball shorts, whitworth sweatshirts, blankets

who likes to eat bubblegum ice cream, plain bubblegum, kale smoothies, root beer

who is good at basketball, soccer, being compassionate

who loves animals, God, Jesus, and my family

who wants bionicles, to be a marine biologist, a new friend to play with conner and i at recess



Nicole said...

i am loving these poems! your boys are amazing!!

Pat and Patty said...

Couldn't wait for this post! :)
If all of us were 1/2 as thoughtful and compassionate as KinKade the world would be a better IS a better place to have him in it - He is bound for great things!
HUGS to our 2nd Godson!!!

mmsnyder said...

You have the sweetest boys in the world!! If Chris and I ever had twin boys... we may or may not have to take parenting classes from you and Aaron. Loved both posts about the boys!

Anonymous said...

Darcy--Kinkade looked so much like Emery in one of the pictures--I was STUNNED!! I love your posts about the boys. Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

the poem was wonderful.
thank you for writing it Kinkade. we so enjoyed hearing about you and what you like.

we love you!!!
grandma and papa