Monday, April 28, 2008

It is going to FAST. . Happy 10 months Lucia

I can't believe it has been 3 months since Lucia has been home. I don't want her to be 10 months old. I hold out until the last day possible to tell people she is the next month. I want her to be a baby for longer. It is going way to fast. I missed the first 7 months. She is the sweetest, happiest, most interactive baby I ever known. She is captivating and so precious in every way. I am a baby person. . . I have always loved the baby stage! I chose to work in the babies room all through college so I could hold and take care of babies. I just love everything about her and don't want the baby stage to end.

As Mothers Day is approaching I have been thinking so much about Lucia's birthmother and the amazing sacrifice she made. I have been working on a letter to her. It is so difficult to put into words everything I want to say to her and to know what exactly to say. There are times when I feel guilty that I get to be Lucia's forever mother. I just want her to know that Lucia is so loved and that we will pass along her message to Lucia always about how much her birthmother loved her also.

Here are some pictures from this last month with Lucia. Sorry there are so many . But since this is going to be here babybook/journal into our life I want to incude all the highlights. And she is just so much fun to snap pictures of.

Here she is laughing and smiling during her breathing treatments.
Cuddling with Patty at the boys first t-ball game.
The boys love to run around the house and look through the windows at Lucia. She thinks it is hysterical.
I can tell she is going to be a volleyball star.

First Gondola ride over the falls. Anything with a whole bunch of windows is a BLAST.

Celebrating Belle's dedication at Church.

More gondola fun.
This is the game Lucia plays every morning as I get dressed.
Each morning she is so thrilled with herself that she just has to give that darling baby in the mirror a huge smooch. I hope she always has this much self confidence.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! You know you never get over that feeling and the memories are so strong - that's motherhood. Don't ever feel guilty - feel blessed - she is!!! I am so glad you are all relishing the moments.

I think there is a real message with her love of windows and glass - she had to wait a bit but now every moment she looks ahead :) with such enjoyment - how lucky if she can hold on to that her whole life. My Mom is like that - anything, everything she sees is new and an adventure. I so admire that quality, no waisted time.

Thanks for including the fun shot of Lucy and me - it was a very warm moment - she makes you feel like a superstar when she nuzzles with you!!!

I loved the cousin weekend moments as well - they will NEVER forget them.


TNKerry said...

She is just adorable!!! Enjoy every minute of her babyness :)
and where do you get her adorable tights??? I love them all!!!

Tam said...

Great pics! I love her dimples!

The Boggs Family said...

Ahh Darc, I totally agree about how you just want your precious little one(s) to stay in the baby stage forever. Maggie will be 10 months old next Monday and I just can't believe how fast it's going by. In so many ways, it seems like you've had Lucia her whole life because of how involved you guys were able to be from the start, and yet I totally remember reading and hearing how grueling it was to feel so far away for those first 7 months. I can't believe she's already been home for 3 months! She really is such a little bundle of joy and absolutely beautiful. I love that you're turning your blog into a baby book for her. That's such a great idea and will mean the world to her as she grows up and begins to understand what sacrificial love surrounds her entire life. Loads of love to you guys - we miss you! ~Katie

demp5 said...

Stacy (Adopt Isabella Grace) and I were talking, and we both think that Lucia is about the cutest baby we have seen!! Also, your last post has me thinking about jelly beans - the big fat kind, not the little jelly belly ones. When I get home ...

ryan & janny said...

She couldn't be any cuter!! ...I can't believe it's been that long already! We'd be missing it without the blog... :( Thanks for the updates!
love you!!

Amanda said...

Don't ever apologize for taking pictures of your beautiful family. You are blessed and you should celebrate it every moment!!! That is a sweet Lucia you've got there.

Amanda and Gabi

The gFamily said...

Happy 10 Month B-day sweet Lucia!! I love the picture of her kissing herself in the mirror! So funny and sweet! She is seriously the cutest little thing!

I know what you mean about feeling guilty that you get to be the mommy of this amazing baby! I feel that way sometimes. We are so blessed, though, that God chose us to be moms of these amazing little girls (and boys too!)!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and all the pictures! I always love your honest words!! You have such a beautiful family!

Lindsay Murphy said...

Happy 10 months Lucy! We all love you so much!