Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break

Spring Break in Spokane was a little chilly. So we drove across the state to see great friends and get out of town for a short vacation. Isn't this hat adorable that Lucia is wearing Grandma Marlene made it for her.
The boys love to get out and run around. Here we are stopping along the way playing catch with pre-school Cinnamon. It was Kinkade's turn to take him home this week. If we have been following this blog awhile Cinnamon has been on many trips with the McMurrays over the last two years of preschool - Boston, Guatemala, and now Seattle.
All five of us in our tiny little toyota to save gas money. No of course we did pull a Brittney Spears and drive with Lucia in the front seat it was just for the pic:) It actually was cozy and fun to be so close together.
Sweet Savannah reading to the boys.
The highlight for the boys was making a campfire and hunting for wood. At night they made smores and were on cloud nine. We are dreaming of summer lake campfires. . can't wait. More Cinnamon play!
Dad thought this old farm equipment was cool so we stopped again to take a picture. So fun being married to a history major. . .

Cute twin Zag fans at the park.
This baby girl makes me smile so much.

The traditional stop for Blizzards! Mom insists on it.

Back home we went on a great Spring walk with Mandolyn and her gigantic dogs. . who the boys adore.
Here is a snap shot of Volleyball Spring practices. The boys ride and ride and ride. . . . all over the gym.
Especially during a Spring that is not cooperating on sun and warmth the gym is perfect to get out twin boy energy!
Look at this beautiful sweater our dear friend Ingrid made for Lucia. It looks so cute on her.
I refuse to wear my uggs anymore.
Smiles and chapped cheeks. . .thats my girl.
I finally captured one of my favorite looks Keagan does. He just cracks us up with all his expressions. He is so smug.
The boys put the candles on Dad's birthday cake.
"Can we help Dad there are so many candles because you are so old!"
There you go we made the best of chilly Spokane Spring Break and had some awesome family time.


Stacy said...

Oh, you guys have so much FUN together! I LOVE it!!


whitney tampien said...

I LOVE that you guys have to stop for Blizzards... obviously, Jordan and I do that too! :) And I had to laugh at the picture of Lucia in the ball cart, since making her laugh in pictures pretty much sums up all of spring practices for me!! Hahaha.

P.S. I haven't told you this yet, but we LOVE Lucia's announcement! It's perfect.

Sue N. said...

I have been enjoying your blog for many weeks-Ingrid shared your info. It was especially fun today to see the sweater that Ingrid made for Lucy. You have a beautiful family. We will be in Spokane in May for Mother's Day weekend and I hope we can see Lucy and the boys in person! Love, Sue-"Ingrid's Mom in Iowa"

Anonymous said...

wow, my favorite twin picture (right now of the boys in their sweatshirts :) Made me smile with delight - I LOVE the first one of Lucy and of course the one of you two is fabulous.

Thanks for making my day! ...and starting me thinking about the lake - it won't be long :)

HewaFam said...

What a fun trip! I had to look closely at the picture of the boys in the field - I thought Keegan was throwing Lucia up in the air & thought, wow, that's high!! Of course, I was looking at the pictures before I read your explanation - glad it was Cinnamon. :) My favorite pics are the ones of you & Lucia together, I can just hear your laughter as I look at them.


TNKerry said...

Looks like fun!!! Your family just seems to be the sweetest :)

Ashley said...

I am loving the family time!

Hey... can you help me out on where you get all of your great BIG bows on the headbands... we are having some pictures made in a garden next week and I would love to have a huge one with a flower.

The gFamily said...

What a great family! I wish I could meet you all because I know it would be FUN!! LOVE all the new pics! They capture the best of your family!