Thursday, April 10, 2008

Family Photo Shoot

We had a family photo shoot done a couple weeks after we got home with Lucia. Cameron Glass did a wonderful job! He was so affordable and we got some cute shots. I am having a really hard time deciding what to blow up and frame. . . . I need your help. Here are few of my favorites.


Kate said...

Soooo dang cute! Love these pics! Totally love the pic of all the family toes especially, and LOVED the super creative, beautiful card you mailed; you are so thoughtful & we were mega touched you'd include us in the McMurray joy! :) We miss you guys too and hope you are well. Love to you all! ~The Boggs 4

TedTracie said...

Your family is absolutely PRECIOUS!

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Nice to "meet" you!


Anonymous said...

well dah - all of them :)

I love the last one of Lucy tagged with the one where she is naked and with her back to you...The one of the boys/ clowning/hugging is fabulous and I can decide on the others - my budget for family photos is next to our property taxes...:)

Thanks for sharing them!!!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Those are adorable!!!! HOW FUN!!!

The gFamily said...

Oh my gosh.... GOOD LUCK!!!! They are all too cute! I love your new blog look with the feet picture!! Such a beautiful family!!!

whitney tampien said...

The third one up from the bottom of Lucia is my FAVORITE. And I love the one right above that of the boys. The McMurrays are so beautiful!!! :)

Terri Anne said...

Soooo cute!!! I wouldn't be able to pick either... but I love the feet one at the top of your blog!!
-Terri Anne (FTC)

TNKerry said...

These are all just way too cute. Too hard to pick a favorite!!!! I also love the pic at the top of your blog :)

Gabriela Marie and Family said...

I love the pictures! They are very good. My favorite picture is the one with all of the feet and Lucia sitting up! The other ones are so adorable too! It is hard to pick just one. I love following your blog is it so "everyday" and Lucia is precious! :)
check out my blog about my little girl @

HewaFam said...

How will you choose?! They're all so cute...what a precious family. They'll be classics for sure. Now that the sun is out, let's make another date to walk. See you soon.


PS I noticed you changed the look of your blog - ha! :)

demp5 said...

I have no idea how you will pick - they are all precious!! You must get the one of her buns and the one of you with your hubby. There are too many other great ones to pick just a few :)

Lindsay Murphy said...

How could you ever choose...they are all so great! I love the one of the boys with Aaron (Kinkade has his hands around Aaron). The one of you and Aaron is so cute too! I have actually worked with Cameron Glass up at Beacon. He's a Mead guy...isn't he so nice!

Zelene said...

OMG! Beautiful pictures! Lucia is sooooo lovely! God bless!

Anonymous said...


Someone sent me your site and I love it. It is so great to see the wonderful blessings your kids are to many.

Love Jeannie Cross