Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring is really here. . . we hope!

Spring soccer is here! Kinkade's team is the Blue Sharks, and Keagan's is the Green Sea Monsters. Last year it was all about the uniforms and what color they were, and this year it is the mascot and team NAME! Apparently the boys lead the charge when it came time to pick the team names.
Grammy and Lucia watching the game. . .kind of. . .
Keagan and Lucia have such a special relationship. He just adores her and pays so much attention to her. He stills wants to go with me every time she wakes up to give her a kiss first.
Look the sun is out!

Soccer twins! First time not on the same team. Kinkade response when I told them they were on different teams was "That is the worst news I have ever heard."
Then he quickly realized he would make double the friends and was okay.
Stretching for the big game. He takes it so seriously.
Coaching moments with Dad.

First McMurray Spring walk after dinner. We love to go on a family walk around the neighborhood after dinner. Kinkade insisted on roller blading with his new blades from Papa and Grandma.
Sweet baby girl in the stroller.
Quick photo before we go.

These are my favorite shots with those cute jammie buns!

Mr. Cheese it up!
And just when you start to think how perfect family time is and how much fun it is to have kids, one is screaming with a bloody knee. . .and the walk is done. . .


Lindsay Murphy said...

The sun has finally arrived! The boys are so cute in their soccer gear. I love the one with Lucy laying on Keagan...classic! HAPPY SPRING!!

Stacy said...

What cute pictures of your kids! Yea for spring! It's about time!


The gFamily said...

Yep, I can relate to all of that! I was way ahead of schedule this morning until Grant got a goose egg on his head and Gillian spit up all over my clothes and hers. Life with kids is blissful one moment and crazy the next! Isn't it truly WONDERFUL?!!!

Great new pics!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh we miss you guys tonight A LOT!!!
The family walks after dinner sound perfect and if it's ok Ryan and I would love to step right in on those when we get home!! :)
love you!!