Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend in Oregon - eat a couple jelly beans

We went to Oregon this weekend to celebrate Grandmas Birthday and for Lucia to meet all the McMurray family. We had a quick fabulous weekend. When it was time to leave we were all in a funk coming home. The boys just kept saying how much they already missed everyone. Lucia charmed all of Oregon with her new cackle laugh! Here are some pics from the weekend.
We found the cousins to do list on the counter Saturday morning. Oh . . to be a kid again.
1. Move books to clubhouse
2. Move blankets to clubhouse
3. Build a fort
4. Eat a couple of jelly beans
5. do a puzzle
6. eat lunch
7. have a snack
8. plant seeds Flowers! Flowers! and More Flowers! I love these daffodils.
The boys call Bridget "Miss Crazy Pants!"
She sings every song from High school Musical and is constantly bursting with something funny or really sweet to say.
My first precious niece Lauren. With her darling new second grade teeth. She is such a love bug and we all adore Lauren.
Mr. Keags ~ King of art, hoops, and music!!
Mr. Kaders ~ King of friends, water, and energy!
The newest McMurray. Princess Charming!
My dad thinks I am so beautiful. . . .he calls me sugar plum now.
Isn't this the sweetest picture with the tiny daisy. They were all over in the grass.
Grandma bought the kids packets of seeds to plant. It was the hit of the weekend. But, it quickly moved from planting seeds to looking for worms. They had an entire worm apartment complex built by the end of the weekend.
Look at all the worms we found!!!

Cousins in the bath. . . Papa and Grandma had a new studio built and it has an amazing loft/playroom for the grand kids. They loved it and called it their secret clubhouse.
Here they are in the tent they put up in the secret clubhouse watching a movie together.
Is this not just gorgeous. I drank my coffee and read a magazine one morning staring at this view of the front deck. Lucia was asleep and the kids were in the secret clubhouse!
Bath time for Lucia. She is loving every minute of the bath.
I think I might start adding eat a couple jelly beans to every to-do list!


TNKerry said...

That view is incredible!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

The Boggs Family said...

We miss you guys! That view is beautiful!! Glad you all had such a great trip in Oregon. Loved the pics, and I agree, that pic of Lucia holding the daisy is precious.

whitney tampien said...

So fun!!! Jelly beans are definitely going on my to-do lists from now on! :)