Thursday, April 17, 2008

FYI - send Dad to boy's next check-up

Here are some of my favorite pics of the twins over the years. . . . Skip to the bottom of the pictures to read about The doctor's appointment.

The boys had their 5 year old check up. . . and it was quite entertaining! Between peeing in a cup, "the cough", and shots ~ Dad is going next time!

1. The cup - well we can barley make it into the toilet on a regular basis. . . so peeing in the cup was quite the entertaining challenge. First I was supposed to clean the tip. . mmmmmmmm! They thought this was very weird and so did I. Than I held the cup and tried to explain peeing in the cup. Well after about 5 minutes of hysterics we were all on the bathroom floor laughing covered with pee and then there was a knock on the door from the nurse, "Everything okay in there?"
My response "Oh yes having a great time.
2. Then it was off to pull down the pants and cough. Now I have heard about this but was under the impression I would never witness it or especially be part of it! Apparently turning your head and coughing while the Dr. is pushing is pretty tricky. They
couldn't pull it off without a lot more laughing and our pediatrician was now on the floor laughing with us. He commented these boys are a SKIT! Your telling me. Every time he told them to turn their head they would turn their whole body, and he would have a cute little 5 year old buns in his face.

3. Now the shots which we had been talking about since 7 in the morning and agonizing over. Remind me to tell them right before next time. Way too much time to talk about shots. Well, one brother had to leave the room so they wouldn't wittness the other brother getting the shot. . . which is worse than getting the shot themselves. Kinkade was a trooper , and let's just say Mr. Drama was NOT!
We left the doctors office 2.5 hours later. . . I've never been so exhausted! Dad is going to the 6 year check up with the boys no exceptions!

There is never a dull moment with TWINS TWINS TWINS. . . . . (Rachelle, KayC. Elizabeth)
Today Keagan said to me as I pulled his long rubber snake out of the spokes of his Superman bike - "Mom you are a rockstar!"
These are the comments that get me through the days!


Jonathan & Amy Hook said...

Your doctor story is hysterical! I have to say that I remember you being pregnant with those boys during my sophomore year at Whitworth. Wow! (Do you remember your puking episode right before heading to the lake - something about taking one bite of a banana?!)

I love all the pictures of the boys through the years. Are you the photographer in the fam or is Aaron? You have done such a good job capturing their personalities at so many special moments!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! You are not joking when you said there is never a dull moment....y'all have a blast together!

TNKerry said...

Hilarious!!! If my bathroom floor at home is any indication, I can totally picture what you went through in that bathroom with those two boys!!!

Keith and Meghan said...

I'm definately laughing OUT LOUD!

colleen flanigan said...

I love this story! As the mom of 2 boys myself I can totally relate.
Great to see you yesterday!

colleen flanigan said...

ps. Darcy,
Could I get your e-mail address possibly?

Darcy said...

Post a comment with your email and only I will see it b/c all the comments are private first and then I will email you!! Talk to you soon.

whitney tampien said...

I love you Keagan and Kincaid, but this is precisely why I am making your mom pray that I have GIRLS. :) Darc, you really are such a trooper. Since I know God will probably give me boys, I will be calling you 86 times a day. Aren't you excited?!

The gFamily said...

Oh my gosh.... I am laughing hysterically on the floor now!! What a great story to share and remind them of in the years to come!!! I made my hubby take our 5 year old son to his check up last fall and there was only one child! So kudos to you for taking your twins!!!

They are seriously adorable and are such BOYS!! Don't you just love boys?!! It is such a learning experience! My boys had me in tears and smiles today! Just another normal day, right?!!

Anonymous said...

I laughed, I cried and I remembered when I read this.

First off I forgot how much I loved these photos and can we talk about how much they look like 6 year olds already!!! YIKES!

As far the Dr. appoitments...yeah we got banned with the girls as they eventually wound up "cheating" with each other on the eye tests and they were like two cub bears EVERY time and I'm talking about through their high school physicals!

I'm sorry but I can SO relate to the shots. When ever Mom would take Penny and I whoever got the first one got off easy as the second one was already crying from watching the other hurting + anticipating what was now to come...No right answer here unless you put them on different days and swear the other to secrecy as to what's coming - wait Mom tried that and we told each other anyway - good luck just know they only have a few more series and maybe have Aaron go on those years (although I did send Pat once and he cried as well?).

Ahhh the joys of motherhood :) Enjoy every minute and so glad the snake was rubber - at least this time.

Love you

p.s. being one of 4 girls and only having girls I can't relate to the cup thing - but maybe just coach them to keep their eye on the target or draw one on the bottom of the cup next time (ha-ha) Give them a squeeze for us!!! Lucy too!!!

The Boggs Family said...

All these pics are just precious! I agree with Amy's comment about how well you capture their personalities---and I laughed aloud at this blog entry telling of the boys' checkup. Too funny! Thanks for your sweet comment on our blog-- hope to see you guys soon too! Love to all of you...

HewaFam said...

This story has had me laughing all week! What fun boys you have. It is fun for me to look back and see them at the stages that my two are now in...wild to think about all that is ahead. Hugs to you!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness--i can totally picture you guys and hear the laughter as well! what a joy! i love it!--meghan

Anonymous said...

Darc...this story cracks me up!!! Even days later after reading it I am still laughing. I hope if I have boys they are as spirited as yours. Got your announcement for Lucy cute. Thanks for sharing with us. Miss you.


Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

How funny- They are SOOO CUTE!!

The Liezen Family said...

I have Andrew's 4 year check up next Monday, but he actually had to pee in a cup last year, so we have that one under our belt. Anyways, I was laughing myself to tears reading your commentary. I think you have to have boys to understand just how funny all of the bathroom humor is. The pictures of the boys are great and Lucia is just adorable. You always seem to capture the most precious shots! Take care!