Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We made it!

Here she is as beautiful as ever.
Staring at her brother! She watches them everywhere they go.

The boys are having a contest who can kiss her the most.. . .

Cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New tongue thing this time!
"Are you really my family?"

What a perfect way to spend Thanksgiving sipping pina coladas with a sweet baby girl and my family.

I love this picture.

The pool is awesome.

"Got my Gallo . . . good now."

First family member to hold Lucia when her foster mother dropped her off. He was thrilled.

The boys ADORE her! It is such an answer to prayer. They can't stop touching her and talking about her. In fact let me share some qoutes from the day - you can guess who said them. . . .
"She is perfect."
"I can't wait to see her belly button. Can we see it right away?'
"Let's see who can kiss her the most I just passed a google!"
"I love her adorable nipples!
"You know what I love the most about her is she is wrinkly and she puckers."
"She is so beautiful mom she looks like you."
"Mom, does she have a brain in this little head?"
"Mom will she be this small at Christmas I want to show our friends."
"I just already love her so much."
All three are sleeping right now so I had a chance to update you. The trip over was a little brutal at times but over all ok. Seeing the boys with her I would of paid a million dollars. They are fascinated by her and she just smiles and laughs at them. We all need some more sleep but God is so good.


Kathy Hansen said...

So glad to see you made it there and are finally ALL together. What a beautiful little family. The pool looks very inviting.


Anonymous said...

You made my Thanksgiving!
I think I got all the quotes right! ;)

She is adorable - still and how great that she already adores her brothers.

We are all so lucky - as always enjoy the moments!
Hugs to all

p.s. I didn't get to tell the boys to go on my favorite ride at D land for me! (Pirates of the C.)

Love you guys get some rest

Anonymous said...

She is too cute, and I love the boys with her. And yes, she is beautiful, just like her mother!! You are in our thoughts and prayers.


whitney tampien said...

Seeing her with the boys brought tears to my eyes... so amazing! Your WHOLE family together for the first time! So much to be thankful for. KEEP THE PICS COMING!!!! :)

P.S. Lucy's hair looks longer! It's SO cute!!

Bryan said...

Dear Lucia: Sorry that you have such a crazy family. Hang in there. They will grow on you, I promise. And if all else fails, just remember how much they all love you!

Regards to the Guatemalan sun,

Anonymous said...

You all look so good to us. Glad to see that you travelers are safe. She is so sweet with the boys and the quotes are priceless!!
Love to all of you. I can't wait for Lauren and Bridget to see these pictures.
Mom and Dad

Grammy Sparkle said...

Darling Darcy, Aaron, Kinkade, Keagan, and Lucy Jane,
I have been waiting and checking all day - I am thinking about you all constantly. I love the pictures, and I love you......

Thanksgiving looks perfect! God is so good.

Carla said...

In the words of Kevin Henkes . . . "Wow! That's just about all I can say. Wow!"

Stacy said...

She DOES look like you! : )
Your family is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi McMurray Family -
I absolutely love reading about your adventures! I am so happy for all of you. I hope that even with the lack of sleep you can enjoy every minute. I will keep you in my prayers throughout the process! I am just waiting for PGN process to be done! If it is hard on me wiating it must be torture for you! Love to you all and may God richly bless your time as a family!

lindsmurphy1 said...

What a beautiful family! I am so glad to hear that you made it. The pictures are gorgeous. Lucy has grown so much. SLEEP!!!

Rachelle said...

Jordan says, "Keagan and Kinkade, I like your baby sister." Rachelle says, "I cannot get over how cute you all are--especially Lucia--what an angel. Get some sleep and enjoy each moment." Love to you all. Mulders

Meghan said...

I have been thinking of you since I saw Keagan & Kinkade walking to Grampa's car on the way to school--knowing you would all be leaving Spokane that day! I'm not at all surprised to hear how much the boys are loving their sister--how special to witness the instant bond they will share the rest of their lives. Our prayers are with you and your family--what a wonderful Thanksgiving you will have. Love you!! -Meghan

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhh!!! You all look perfect together! A beautiful family of 5!! Loved all the pics! Two big brothers to protect that sweet baby girl? Love it! She is so darn CUTE!

Loving and praying for you all!
the millers
Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy. :)

ryan & janny said...

she is so beautiful. we love her.
...miss you guys
love you
ryan and janny