Monday, November 12, 2007

No News is Good news

Most recent favorite picuture of Lucia. Her doctor took it at her 4 month appointment.
I think she is so sweet in this picture, I love those little toes. I can't wait to kiss them.

This is the picture I have on my screen saver on my computer. I see it 100 times a day. It makes me happy.

Here is the latest news for the McMurrays!

1. Lucia's Christmas dress is ordered. I know this might not seem big, but I have been looking at Christmas dresses my whole life waiting to purchase one for my own daughter. It was a hard decision to find the perfect dress. I know you are all waiting on pins and needles to see it. . . .
I have let go of any hope that she will be home for Christmas to wear the dress in front of the McMurray family Christmas tree. Instead, I am going to give it to her Foster mom and ask her to take pictures of Lucia's first Christmas. If a miracle happened and we got out of PGN in the next couple of weeks. . . just maybe she could be home. . . keep praying!

2. No News is Good News - we do not want to hear from our agency until we get that glorious phone call that we are out of PGN and she is officially our daughter. We are currently 5 weeks 4 days into our stay in PGN. The earliest I have seen any babies getting out is 7 weeks 2 days. Keep praying!

3. WE LEAVE IN EXACTLY ONE WEEK TO SEE LUCIA! - We're taking the boys and spending Thanksgiving with her in Guatemala City. I am so excited to see the boys faces when they first meet her and hold her. I have been dreaming of the first time they make her smile and laugh. I hope she loves them and is not horrified by them.... like I am sometimes:) I can't wait to take pictures of all our children together. We are flying out next Monday night, and Lucia will be in our arms Tuesday morning at 10:00 am. I won't bore you with how many hours until the moment she is in our arms. Wouldn't it be awesome to find out she was out of PGN before we left or when we are with her. Pray for a smooth trip with twin boys!

Thanks for checking in with us on this crazy journey of adoption. I know with all my heart we were called to this, and the second I saw Lucia's picture I loved her so much. The moment they put her in my arms it was not any different than the moment they handed me Keagan and Kinkade in the hospital.


Rachelle said...

Darcy-I hope that you are able to print out the messages you post--they are absolutley so SWEET!! She will treasure the words you have used to describe her and your experience. We are so excited that you are leaving in one day. Still praying for 6 weeks out of PGN--3 days left God(haha). Love, Rachelle

Kathy Hansen said...

I to am praying that she is out of PGN before you leave in one week to see her.


whitney tampien said...

I love that picture of her too... such a sweet little face! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the Guatemala trip! She is going to LOVE her two big brothers... how could she not?! :)

Bryan said...

I can't wait to see the new photos. You are a such a great photographer, Dars.

[Is this better, Carla?]

Anonymous said...

I think you should record the event in sound for Lucy and play it back to her any time over the next 18 years that she and the boys need - I mean want to hear it :)
We are praying for you always and hope your have the most spectacular Thanksgiving EVER!

Anne said...

I can't wait to meet the rest of your family!! See you at the Westin!

Natalie's mama

Susan said...

Lucia is just a beautiful little girl! You are all going to have so much fun with her! Can't believe the boys are 5 already - that went so fast (I can say that!!!).
Prayers to you on your trip,

Carla said...

Yes, Bryan, it is much better. I thought you and Darcy were in a big, bad fight. Now I see that all is well. Whew. Time to find something else that is none of my business to worry about.
By the way, Darc . . . that is one cute baby! I'm getting a little sick of waiting to meet her. Can't you do something to hurry up this process? Geesh, get on the ball, will ya?
If I don't talk to you before next week (conferences start for me on Thursday, so there's a good chance we won't), have a GREAT trip. Enjoy every second, take tons of pictures, and keep us all updated. Safe travels!!!