Monday, November 26, 2007

On Pins and Needles. . . more pictures from the trip

I adore this picture of Lucia. This whole series captures her personality.

She is so sweet and joyful. I love the dimples in this picture.

Aaron took this picture when she got out of the bath. Here hair is so curly when it is wet.

The boys made a fun friend while we were there. His family is adopting through the same agency. He was there visiting his little sister Natalie. This picture was taken during Thanksgiving dinner.

After dinner back in the room. BOY is it tricky to get a good pic of three kids. I have a new respect for the Millers and all their great pics of their kiddos.

I keep coming back to this series of pics. I love this one too.
If you have been around the McMurrays very long you know that Keagan is our dancer. He loves music more than anything and is an awesome dancer. He truly has his Uncle Damian's genes. He was trying to teach me some of his moves here. The last day at the pool.

Typical Keagan face. . . .

He was in heaven with Aaron's ipod on.

The boys at the Long Beach aquarium. They could spend hours watching the sharks.

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants after the aquarium Bubba Gumps. Kinkade was in heaven he loves shrimp and crab more than anything in the world.
Keagan on the other hand was asleep in 5 minutes on my lap he was exhausted.

Kinkade is so excited about sea animals. When we go to the library he only checks out non fiction sea animals books.
Petting sharks at the aquarium. The highlight of the California weekend. Yes, more than Disneyland.

Lucia Jancinta Shean McMurray being silly.

Crackin up. . . .
It was the best trip of my life. Our family felt complete. The boys exceeded my wildest dreams with how sweet and tender they were with Lucia and how interested they were in her. She is the easiest most joyful baby I have ever been around. It was heart wrenching giving her back. I can feel the stress in my stomach. I am so nervous every time the phone rings. The out calls usually come on Tuesdays and Fridays evenings from your case manager. I literally cannot think of anything else.
I really felt like her mom this time, I think she really recognized me.I could read her cues and felt like she was ours. Please keep praying for he file to exit without any previos. We will post if we hear anything. I am really ready for this process to be over and to have our baby girl home with us
One more pic of Lucia with Cinnamon, the boys bear from preschool. He came with us for an adventure to Guatemala.


Kathy Hansen said...

We will be praying that tomorrow is THE day and no previos. The pictures are great of all your three kids.

Kathy and Tom

Rachelle said...

Darcy--The pictures are all so darling!! I hope that tomorrow is the lucky day. Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

I've been showing my kids the pictures of Lucy - and Oliver said, "I love her - I'll call her my pumpkin pie. I want to eat her!" I'm praying that Tuesday you get the best news ever!

Anne said...

She is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!! So are your boys! Nathan had a blast with them over Thanksgiving!

Anne, Natalie's mama

Bryan said...

Oh jeez! Too cute. I can FEEL Kade's rapt excitement at the aquarium and SEE Keagan bustin' moves.

But Lucia. Oh, dear Lucia. Her sweet face makes me smile everytime I see it. God speed the day I see it in person.

If you need a distraction, Dars, give me a call and we can chat about D-1 volleyball--the field of 64 is set! :) (I'm such a geek.)

Glad you are back safely,

Anonymous said...

HI this is Abbey,
I think Lucy is soooooooo cute!!:) I can't wait to see her in real life! One of my favorites is the one where she just got out of the bath.I will be praying that she will be home for Christmas.:)

Grammy Sparkle and Grampy said...

Darcy, Aaron, Keagan, Kinkade, Lucy Jane, and murphy We love you all so much. We are praying and we know God is good.

Grampy and Grammy Sparkle

Anonymous said...

Wow did these photos ever take me back! I remember Whit and Linds petting the stingrays and how excited they were. I'm so glad the boys had a great time and no surprise as to their attitude toward their little sister - they have great parents and such great hearts!

Call when you get rested and I know we will all pull out our favorite dance when the PGN phone call comes...Tell Keags I'm already practicing :)

Hugs to all - glad you are home.

whitney tampien said...

I'm praying today is the day!!! I already love her so much just from the pictures; I can only imagine how you guys must feel. It's going to happen soon... I just know it! I'm praying as much and as hard as I can!! :)

Jaimee said...

Oh my gosh, I love those pictures! That bow is to die for! You have to tell me more about what it was like to be in Guatemala with 3 kids, hopefully we will be doing that soon! I hope you get your PGN out very soon!!!