Sunday, November 18, 2007

The boys have never laughed so hard

I know I should be packing but this was much more fun! Click the link below and have a good laugh:) Next post from Guatemala with pics of a sweet little Lucia!


Bryan said...

I don't think I'VE laughed so hard. It kills me the way Kade's elf is slinky and hippy. First I laugh, then I think that's way too suggestive for a 5 year old. Of course, Keagan does pretty much dance like that, so...I dunno.

Have a WONDERFUL trip!

Anonymous said...

That's great. Have you tried this one?

ryan & janny said...

I'm a little early checking the blog, but I couldn't wait to see the boys with Lucy!! Hope the flight was good. love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm stalking the blog...can't wait!!!

Yeah in regards to the elfing...Lindsay did that last year and I feel off my chair - You guys look pretty good - I like your shimmy Darc :)...I think the boys could actually pull if off
How's LUCY LOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!