Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We are so thankful for this precious baby girl.
We are overwhelmed with how blessed we are to be here with our whole family for thanksgiving.

Her dimples are so cute.. . . I can't wait for our friends and family to meet her.

Traditional Guatemalan breakfast on thanksgiving. . . fried bannanas, black beans, eggs, papaya juice, the best coffee in the world and bread.

Everyone in this family loves to kiss me!

McMurray children watching the Macy's Parade together. First pic of all three together.

Parents of the year. Lucia asleep on the floor at our Italian dinner last night. They don't have any strollers left in the hotel.

Keagan wants to hold her all the time.

More kisses at dinner.

I love to touch faces!

Cute buns in really cute tights.
Hope everyone is having a blessed Thanksgiving with their family and friends. We give Lucia back tomorrow at 10:00. It is getting harder and harder. Then we fly out tomorrow afternoon to LAX. It has gone so quickly. We are still in good health. Keagan got a bee sting, and Kinkade has a little eye infection . . .we think from the pool. But all in all we are GREAT!


Bryan said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful that I know such an amazing family. I love you all.

Kay C. said...

It's so wonderful to share a little piece of your experience through this blog! You all look so incredibly happy. We are all so very happy for you! Wishing you peace as you say goodbye today. Love you all, KC & Family

Anonymous said...

Take a deep-breath - you are on the home stretch - hang on.

I hope the final days in LA will be great and remember it is the trip that No one will ever forget, such a great chapter in the Mcmurray story.

We will check in next week after you get some rest.

And she IS the cutest baby I have ever seen!!!!!!!