Sunday, January 20, 2008

A calm before the storm

Here are some more pics of the trip. We had a wonderful time. The last two nights were a little rough. Lucia had a high temperature, so she was up most of the night. During the day she smiled and was her usual self. Her foster mom took her to the doctor immediately when she picked her up on Monday. I couldn't wait to get home last night to check my email and get the doctor's report. Our agency is so amazing it was sitting in my inbox when aaron and I walked in the door at midnight. She still has a fever and an ear infection. I hope she is doing better today. I am glad I could be there with her when she was sick. I know her foster mom is taking great care of her of her now, but it is hard to be away especially knowing she is sick. Five days until Aaron and I leave to go and get her for good. I spent the morning cuddling with my boys I missed them so much. I explained to them what it means when your heart hurts and longs for someone. I missed them so much. It is so good to be home, but it is FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!! Hey moms out there any great ideas for the 9 hours on the airplane with an active 6 month year old. Who loves to shriek in joy and jump nonstop! It seems nuts that exactly one week from today she will placed in our arms forever at her final embassy appointment. Praise God!

Things I love about Guatemala -
1. Lucia

2. Traditional Guatemalan breakfast - scrambled eggs, black beans (the best ever), fried bananas, fresh mozzarella cheese, coffee (unbelievable . . . i never drink coffee black and I could drink this black), and Fabulous fresh papaya juice, or pineapple juice

3. The best Italian restaurant you ever eaten at in my life. It goes down as my #1 dining experience ever!

4. The SUN! They call it eternally Spring.

5. Beautiful hospitable people

6. Gallo . . . yes it is an awesome drink by the pool beer, it gives corona a run

7. Pizza Hut. . ok this might seem weird but when we were here as a family we ordered in pizza hut and it was by far the best pizza aaron and I had ever had (I know most of my favorites have been food related. . . . I am a little obsessed with food:) - Whit and Linds are you with me!

8. Antigua. . . the town is so charming

9. Taking 8 million photos. . I love taking pictures of cute children!

Lucy's favorite things . . .

1. squealing with JOY

2. smiling at Everyone!

3. All people . . . I think she might be the most social baby ever. . . she is going to fit in great with the McMurrays

4. Bows and barrettes. . ok maybe that should be on my list

5. Grammy Sparkle singing to her

6. riding in the Baby Bjorn and going on walks

7. grabbing flowers and faces

8. pulling off her socks every chance she gets

9. the buzzing bees sound this always cracks her up

10. carrots and sweet potatoes. . . just when she couldn't get more perfect she loved eating her organic vegetable I brought for her!

11. Jumping up and down like a FROG!


Anonymous said...

oh darcy, i am so filled with joy for you!
she seriously looks like a doll! is she real?
LOVED this post. so beautiful.
glad you are home!

Anonymous said...

Simply - Lovely! Enjoy every minute and even if she screams on the airplane - just take a deep will pass, people get over it and you will have a great story to tell her.

We are now counting down minutes - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are home--9 hours--that is a long time--Benydryl?/ I love your lists and LUCIA!!Love you guys, Rachelle

whitney tampien said...

DARCY! You didn't have to do the Starbucks cards... that was so sweet! We are always just a phone call away if you guys ever need us for stuff like that! :)

Also, I am definitely with you on all the FOOD being in your top 10 list!! 75% of my interests in life probably revolve around food, and that Guatemalan breakfast sounds AMAZING! I'm glad Lucy will be raised around girls who love to eat!! :)

Ashley said...

Just precious... I am anxious with you as you get everything together this week and become a family of 5!!!

She will be fine on the plane! The people around her will entertain her... but I had puffs, bottles, books, toys and a pacifier ( even though she had never taken one... she liked it and it helped with her ears and such)

Ashley said...

( from your post on my blog)Please do... I stole it from Tricia .. I think it is perfect and to all my friends who still just do not get it... I think it is perfect! I especially love the last part about this is not my adopted child... this is my kid same as anyone elses'. THey are my purpose in life... the sparkle in my eye!!!!

PERFECT... I am so excited for you. I am living our pick up through you again!

Bryan said...

Love the new photos. She is moving past cute and sweet into totally beautiful.

I'm excited for her to be home. I forgot to check out the nursery when I was at the house the other night. I'll have to wait to see it when she has taken full ownership.

Also, I agree with Whitney that the breakfast sounds amazing. There's something about it that sounds so flavorful and earthy.

Glad you're back safely...all my best for yet one more safe trip.

Susan said...

This story is the highlight of my day! I race home to check the blog! Many of my friends and family are also following this journey....shedding tears, ooohhhing and ahhhhing and praising God for this blessed event. Will be thinking of you next week!!!!

lindsmurphy1 said...

I am laughing out loud right now! I would love Pizza Hut too and probably every type of food in Guatemala:) I hope you are resting...what an amazing couple of weeks for you. I cannot wait for you to bring her home. She just gets cutter every day.

Anonymous said...

We traveled to the Bahamas when Sam was a squirmy 6 months old and I brought red licorice for him to chew on. It took forever for him to eat it and he was teething and it helped with that too. It was also a red slobber fest, but kept him from crying a lot!
Can't wait to meet Lucy!

Kelsey said...

LUCY!!! GET YOUR LITTLE CUTE BUNS TO SPOKANE!!!!!!!!! Darcy I'm so glad you got to go see your beautiful time, no goodbyes!!! Love you all...give the boys kisses and hugs for me. Also, I know life will be 10 million times crazier for you by the time I get home BUT we really do need to reschedule that double date :-)

Zak Cannard said...

Does this child ever not smile?! I am sooooooooooo excited to see her in person!