Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sneak Peak into Lucy Jane's nursery

Her nursery is not completed, but I needed some feedback to continue on. I thought it might be fun to post some pictures of the progress we have made. Also I found out from our agency that we will probably not be getting her 6 month doctor visit pictures from Dr. M. because she will see the US embassy doctor for her last appointment. Bittersweet b/c I would love to know how much she weighs so I bring the right size clothing, yet we are so close I just want her not anymore pictures with her in another country.
This first picture you can see of the nursery is the crib, crib tent, new curtains, and rug. I love the rug it looks Guatemalan and brings all the colors together. I looked long and hard for a rug that would tie it all together and was unique. Of course Anthropolgie came through again and on SALE! It is definitely a different feel from the rest of the house. I usually do bold walls and white or black furniture, but I wanted the walls cream and the furniture bold this time. If you double click on the pictures you can enlarge them to see more detail.

Above is a close look into the top of the tent. My mom spent hours hanging the ribbon just right . We must of tried 15 different designs of ribbon. This one was sheer, elegant and added the perfect touch without being overwhelming. I don't want her to think she is being eaten by polka-dots and bows.

I had to show you a close up of the bedding. It is cream satin and chenille. My mom had a week full of sleepless nights working on this. It was inspired by the blanket Mandolyn made for Lucia on our first visit trip. If you haven't noticed so far my mom is amazingly talented. Her touches to the nursery are the most Fabulous.

Changing table. . . . I love the changing pad cover, of course my mom made it. We picked this really cool retro furry brown material.
Aaron helped me take the doors off of her closet to put up these curtains.

The book shelf almost completed. Yes, you can read all the spines and it will be at her level.

I found this plate on sale at Anthropology it is the perfect barrette plate.

My favorite touch in the room . . . the hardware.

You knew it was coming the infamous bows. Yes they have their own stand. I have taken so much crap for these bows. I promise I am not foo foo! I do not wear any makeup except gloss. And I have never worn a bow except in my HS and College sports days (it was a team thing:)
The foofooness is coming out of nowhere. We think the culprit is 5 years of twin boys.
"Mom we made these for Lucy's room, you said the colors were aqua, brown and a touch of pink."
How can I take them down????????????????????? Janny taught the boys to make snowflakes. And, probably once a week my floor is covered with thousands of tiny little pieces of paper and snowflakes are taped everywhere.

Grammy Sparkle says it is not a nursery without stuffed animals.

We recovered the boys rocking chair with the same cool brown fluffy fur as the changing table to match. I can't wait to rock and rock and rock and rock her! With twins this did not happen enough.
Janny sent the big "L" from Pottery Barn for Lucia for Christmas. It was her first Christmas gift.
I have not gotten all the photos up but here is a start.
I found this cooking apron at Anthropology last summer amd it sparked my inspiration for the nursery. I knew when I saw them they would be the perfect curtains. Once again my mom did her magic and whipped them into darling curtains.
I have searching the world over for the perfect embassy day dress. I found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't it so sweet and matching shoes. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. . . I wonder what tights she will wear. You'll have to see in the embassy day pics which is hopefully SOON!
This is where I have spent much of January, aren't I attractive:( Bundled up in the garage spray painting.) Which by the way everyone should try spray painting it is so rewarding and so easy. I would of spray painted the whole house and even the boys if Aaron wouldn't of stopped me.
Please keep praying for our Pink slip email. It will be pretty devastating if it does not come next week. We are done waiting! Thanks for all the comments they are so comforting.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! (I can assure you that you made the right pick on the fur - I did it in my bedroom and I can harldly leave it :)

I think you should take the pink slip and blow it up for a poster in her room once you get it!!!

Can't wait to see it in person - GREAT JOB


Kathy Hansen said...

It will be like living in a palace. The nursery is adorable. We are praying for pink this week.


The Boggs Family said...

INCREDIBLE! Holy toledo, you (and your Mom) are super creative!!! We love the nursery and think Lucy will too! ;) My gosh, seriously, this is the most original, inspiring, FANTASTIC little girls' room! Nice job. Gotta love spray paint... I share those sentiments for sure! haha. And, that outfit you found for Lucy's trip home is perfect! You inspire me to graduate Maggie out of her fleece jammy mainstays and into cute girly outfits! :) Can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy in person. Love to you guys from the Boggs crew!

Anonymous said...

Darcy and Margo--WOW!! You guys should go into business together--so darling. I cannot wait to see it in person--I am sure it is even more amazing in "real life." I love the embassy outfit--you are such a good mom!!Love, Rachelle

Susan said...

Wow, Lucy's going to love it! I can tell that Spokane's economy is about to take a huge upswing...GAP Kids, Nordy, Gymboree, etc. Take it from one grandma of three girls, it's more fun! And, I have it on good authority, that Pottery Barn Kids is about to land in Spokane. Now we just need a Land of Nod!
Lucy is one lucky little girl to have two big brothers, too.
Have fun!!!

lindsmurphy1 said...

I love Lucy's new suite! You could be a designer:) I adore her crib and the hardware is so cute. Can't wait to see her in it!!!

Kelsey said...

ADORABLE!!! Appropriately fit for a princess :-)

p.s. off to school...and my hair is down...thanks Keeg!

ryan & janny said...

so cute... my favorite touches are the snowflakes!! guys are getting so good at them and I know how much your mom loves snowflakes up everywhere!! :) keep it up!

Anonymous said...

LOVVVVEEEEEE the crib color!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coming to see it in real life! what day shall anna and i come for a visit? :)
the clippy plate? great idea!! you will find them ALL over the house anyway, but at least they can start off somewhere. :)
this is going to be a great week!
praying for pink!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

I think it is just beautiful. YOu both did a great job!!! Can't wait to see her in it.

Spill it... where is the dress from ( or did you all make that too?)

Anonymous said...

It looks great Darc...I am so excited for you guys and that she is coming home soon.


Kelsey said...

Darce I forgot to tell you!!! I had a dream last night about Lucy's nursery (yeah I know...get a life Kelsey)...except you accidently bought a doll crib instead of a baby crib and I told you she wouldn't fit but you said " have no idea how small she is!!!" HAHA thought I would share :-)