Saturday, January 26, 2008

We leave tomorrow

Here goes a picture parade of some of the highlights of our journey before it comes to an end or is it just the beginning. . . Leaving Lucia after our first POA visit with many things to remember us, MP# player with 45 minutes of our voices recorded, photo books of our faces, hippo with our recorded voices, and many Spanish books!
We still can't believe how smiley she was at one month old.
First time holding Lucia. . . will never forget this moment.
I immediately took her upstairs and put her on my chest. I think it was just instinct to want to replicate the birth process in the hospital when I got to put the boys on my chest soon after their birth. I never set her down the entire trip. We thought we might need a carrier or a stroller . . .nope!
First smile we saw within 30 minutes of getting her.
DNA Day. . . we dressed her, prayed for her, her foster mom picked her up in the lobby, and then took her to the appointment with her birth mother. The pictures and information we got from this day is precious. Three mothers held her that day with very different roles in her life yet with one love for this sweet baby girl. First bath with us. Smiling at Dad!

Next visit trip with Grammy.
love the sleeping pics. So peaceful and sweet.
First thing I ever bought for Lucia. I got to give into my life long dream of buying baby girl clothes. The dress is now hanging in her room.Visit trip number 4 with Grammy.
Our beautiful little girl one week ago.
Thanksgiving with Lucia. The boys finally get to meet their new baby sister. Picture with her amazing Foster mom.
More smiles.
One of my all time favorite pictures.

We have many feelings going into tomorrow. As Aaron and I sat in the hot tub last night and recounted this journey and looked forward to our new life as a family. We realized how many mixed emotions we have. The first of course just being excitement mixed with relief that we are nearing the finish line on this roller coaster of adoption. The second feeling was one of a weird sadness that our family will never be the same. It has been "the boys world" for five years. We have so many special traditions that will change. . . of course for the good, but not without growing pains I'm sure. We can't wait for the JOY she is going to bring into our world. . .but last night we were in a very reflective mood about how different everything is going to be. I have heard parents worry if they will have enough love for their next child and how they will continue to be as intetional and loving with the children they have. I too am worried about the intentionality I have been able to do daily with the boys, will that happen anymore??

My heart has also been really heavy for Lucia's foster family as they say goodbye this week. I have even felt some guilt about feeling like I am taking her away. Wow, this process sure has a lot of emotions that surface at different times. Please pray for this final trip. For peace in the transition. For Lucia's heart as she grieves the loss of the only mother she has known, for her foster family, and for us as we start our new life as a family.


Kathy Hansen said...

I am so excited for the two of you to head off tomorrow to pick up your litte girl - at last. Darcy, when it comes to love God gives parents the gift of multiplication, never division. Your boys will not lose any part of you by you loving and giving time to Lucy - in fact they will get more of the multiplying love flying around. Don't feel guilty about taking Lucy home - that incredible Foster family will always love her, but they never signed up to care for her for a lifetime. Not many people have the special gifts needed to be foster parents again and again - but they have it - and God will bless them for it. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy every minute of it.

Kathy and Tom

Anonymous said...

Darcy and Aaron--I just cried as I read your last post--such an amazing journey and the road ahead has so many more twists and turns, highs and lows--wow--parenthood is an adventure. I will keep everyone in my prayers, her foster family, her forever family and her birth mother, who made an amazing sacrifice for sweet Lucia. God will provide all that each of you need--we are so excited to meet that sweet little baby girl. Love, Mulders

The Boggs Family said...

You have such a gift in the way you communicate and are able to share your heart with all of us blog spys. ;) I am all choked up after reading your latest post and praising God for His work through this whole process you've trusted Him with. Continue to trust Him and know that our prayers are with you guys and we join the many out there who want to share in your joy and are priveleged to be praying for you all. Big hugs to you guys! ~The Boggs Family. P.S. Darcy, I TOTALLY can relate to those feelings you've been having about how adding a new child to the family might somehow short-change the love you have for the boys. I had those same thoughts before Maggie came along pertaining to Jack. The family dynamics and much more, do change, but for the better... and I can say whole-heartedly that it is worth every single bit of the challenge to be as intentional as we can be, and trust God that our love is multiplied over n' over n' over again. No need to worry, you'll have plenty to go around - and it's the biggest blessing to watch the love grow between Lucia and the boys too. ;)

Anonymous said...

I remember that feeling...but you know you have been able to share your love with the boys and they are both more addition will be the same and you will soon wonder what you ever did without her in your life. It goes without saying how lucky for Lucy that God chose your family to become a part of and the same that he chose such a special women and family to watch over her until you arrived.

No worries...remember minute by minute, day by day it has already been written in the stars you get the adventure of guiding her on that already planned special!!

There will be tears - but know time will heal and I have no doubt that you will keep her Foster Mom and family included Lucy's life forever.


God speed!
Pat and Patty

Carla said...

Travel safe, you two. We'll see you ALL soon. How exciting. Breathe . . . and trust. It will all work out, you'll see! It always does.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a safe trip! Can't wait to see her. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. God speed!

And baby makes 5!!

lindsmurphy1 said...

You guys have been on my mind so much lately. I have been praying for you and for your final trip to get Lucy. I have loved reading your blog throughout the adoption process. I am really going to miss it. You have to promise to keep posting:) I can't believe Lucy is coming home! I love your honesty Darc...I think so many people struggle with the same emotions you are experiencing. You are so strong! Can't wait to meet her!!

Stacy said...

Beautiful post for a monumental moment in your life.

Praying for peace and joy in the journey. Just wait, God will MORE than provide!

God bless your trip,

Anonymous said...

I think it's natural to have all kinds of emotions running through--sadness for those you're "leaving behind" etc.--just remember, God is in control of Lucy's path. Everyone plays a different part--some roles have come to an end, or taken on a new direction, it is now your turn to guide her moving forward. You have been chosen for this role because of what you will provide Lucy. I am certain one of the reasons is because Keagan and Kinkade will be the most wonderful brothers she could have. There role will change too--but there is no doubt in my mind, it will be even better than you can imagine! We love you, have a safe trip. Love, The Browns

whitney tampien said...

Dear Lucy,

I am choked up reading this final blog your mom posted before her and your dad make the final trip to bring you home. You have so many people who already love you so much, and are praying for you and your family. We have followed your adventure in Guatemala, and have waited for this final step -- to bring you home!! Although the transition might not be easy, you have two big brothers who will look after you and play games with you and always make you laugh; you have a dad who will sing songs to you and provide an amazing example of how to serve God in your life; and you have a mom who has loved you and longed for you before you were even born. She will show you how to be a woman of God. The McMurray family will never be the same after this weekend, in a good way... they will finally be complete! God has chosen you to be a part of this amazing family, and to add your own personal touch as a McMurray.

Don't be too alarmed by the snow and freezing weather. Spokane is definitely not Guatemala, but I promise it warms up in the summer time and we can go play at the lake. And besides, all the adorable winter clothes are on sale at Baby Gap right now. Good timing on your part! :)

We love you, and are anxiously waiting to finally meet you! Welcome home!!!

Whitney & Jordan

TNKerry said...

I felt all those same feelings and really know what you mean about having a boy family for so long - my boys are 8 and 6. Things do change and some of it is hard, but it is overwhelmingly wonderful. I have also seen a different side of my boys with their sister and it is heartwarming!!!!
Daddy still made sure that he taught her the basics - daddy and touchdown (with hands in the air)- both being said before Mommy which he thinks is great!!!!! :)

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Oh my goodness......SHE IS SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!! I just found your blog and could just cry that you are bringing her home. We are adopting a precious little girl from Guatemala....but we have a long road ahead. Please be praying for us. I am going to pray that your quick pick up trip goes so smoothly!! Congrats!!!!

Lindsey Wheeler

Anonymous said...

Hugs and kisses from the Davis family. Treasure your time as these are precious memories but hurry home! We can't wait to meet you!