Tuesday, January 8, 2008

YEAH. . . . Uhg. . . . . . .

I needed a Lucy smiley parade of pictures today with the "yeah . . . ugh news." So here are a few of my favorite Lucy smiley pics!

"Conclusion: A sample from Angela Daniela McMurray was submitted for testing to verify that this child is the same child tested in a previous parentage case. LabCorp compared the results of the current test to Angela Daniela Quib Pacay, who was previously tested. The results obtained for both sample collections are identical. These findings support the conclusion that the child currently tested is the same as the child previously tested in the matter. "

This is what a received in the mail from LabCorps. Yeah. . . so excited, and there was even a really cute smiley picture attatched. I'm thinking. . . . DNA results are in and yes she is the same baby we were referred in July (DUH (my favorite word in 6th grade) don't you think someone would have noticed if she was not. . . like me?????) Then I got on our agency forum to ask how many days until other families received their pink email from when they got the 2nd DNA results in the mail. The first answer was 6 days. Well, that puts us at next Monday we would get the pink email and then we would know when our embassy appointment is. I was praying for this week, but next Monday is pretty close.
Here comes the UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG part. Here was the next response from my question -
"I too am waiting for pink. I've been studying all of the forums and apparently the Embassy is very behind and swamped. They've increased their appt's to 30 per day and are giving out appt.'s for 1/18 now for families whose DNA arrived there in November and December."

Okay Darcy do not be whiner - this is a "Long family" word if you are choosing to focus on the negative. I get to go kiss those sweet smiley cheeks in less than a week. If you have been following our journey you know that my bedroom floor is completely covered with outfits, bows, tights and many board books. I am praying that our appointment backs up to the end of our trip so I can stay, Aaron can fly down and we come home with Lucia. God you are bigger than the Embassy. You have brought us this far and I do trust you will work this all out.

I thought writing the email in pink today might help. . .oh yeah and our car failed the emissions test today. . . fun we get to go there again after a big bill. Whining again sorry.


Bryan said...

Hang in there Darcy!!

Kathy Hansen said...

Hang in there Darcy - you are at the end of the trail, it has just been a verrrrryyyyy long trail. So many people would not have the tenacity to go through all the tedious paperwork and heart wrenching waiting that you have - but God picked you because he knows you have what it takes & that you and Aaron are the perfect parents for Lucy (and Keegan and Kinkade the perfect big brothers). And you are so right - God is bigger then the embassy. We will all be praying hard that you get your appointment while you are still there.


Anonymous said...

Darcy---It seems that the adoption road is filled with so many peaks and valleys--you are so strong--i admire your patience and courage--I am so glad that Lucia will be with you at this time next week. We will continue to ask God for a miracle here--love, Mulders

Teri B, said...

Hey Darcy,
Hang in there! God got you this far and knows the detour around this "bump" in the road. A few years ago I had a "bump" and he put a sticker on the gas pump at Costco(of all places) "Just trust Jesus, he is your only hope." it said. He is amazing:)
As far as the kinder, Darcy, you know what a great teacher is because you are one! Trust your heart. Sounds like you already have a feel for the teachers, ask to observe/visit their rooms while they are teaching. Being involved
parents is so very important. Don't lose heart--trust the Lord to guide you.
Teri B.

Ashley said...

You know... if there is anything that I DO KNOW about Guatemalan adoptions is not one thing is consistant or the same. One day pink comes in 6 days another day 12 and another day pink comes and the appointment was the previous week. When we got our pink the appointments were like 3-4 weeks out. And then the week we got home they started being 1 week out. I BET they catch up this week!!! Yours is coming... in perfect timing!

Susan said...

OK. Darc! Let's think in math terms, shall we???? Estimating is a good thing:
6 months x 30 days is 180 days. Add a few more for January and we're close to 190. If you have to wait one or two more weeks, that's only 7 - 14 days, which is a whole lot less than 190!
Lucy is probably wondering what she is going to wear home....
Keep the faith, it'll be soon.

Anonymous said...

O.K. car - bummer - Lindsay failed hers, had it worked on a bit and went back and it said she failed again - tears worked as she did not have time or energy left so they passes her...just a tip and I know that tears might be real as know one has time for that car junk...I have always said that God gets you ready for kids either with hard labor or late dates...while I know it's the worst it can be for you with this waiting game - try and take time to relax and rest this week - for you (both you and Aaron). This spring will be so pleasent for the whole Mcmurray family.
love you guys

Kay C. said...

hang on my friend....just a little bit longer. good things happen to those that believe. We love you, KC & family