Monday, January 7, 2008

News . . . . but not THE NEWS. . .

Three big things happened today. . . .

1. The flights are booked! My mom and I are flying next Monday to Guatemala. She got fed up with waiting. We are taking the risk that we might come back empty handed. But praying so hard that we hear something this week and then Aaron will come meet me and we will bring our baby girl home. I can't wait. I am in such better spirits today knowing that I am going to see her. I just miss her so much. I hope we do not have to do the sad hand off again and leave her there. I am praying the details all work out!

2. The boys are registered for Kindergarten! We haven't positively decided where they are going to attend. But Kinder registration started in our neighborhood school. Yes, I admit I made Aaron get up at the crack of dawn to be early to ensure we get the AM session and our input on teachers. Well. . . we were the first ones there by 45 minutes. But it says #1 & #2 on the top of the boys registration (I'm still a little competitive from my sports days:) Don't laugh at me I have always been ultra responsible about school stuff. It is embarrassing to admit but I got the "perfect attendance award" all the way through school every year. In middle school it was really embarrassing. I think this is why I became a teacher. I love school. . . . everything about it, well until I got to college. That's another story.
So. . . . there was one problem they did not ask one single thing about my children and or about the teachers that would be best for my children! They are just going to place them in a classroom. Um . . . I sort of have opinions about Kindergarten. I don't want to be "that parent" but after many years in K-2, my opinions and beliefs run deep in me about early education. Let me give you a quick and professional assessment of the situation. Their is one Kinder teacher that has been there 800 years and does not allow parents into her classroom , not to mention the 800 worksheets the kids do every day. Let's just say not my philosophy of Kinder. I hope I did not offend anyone here, I know she is a nice woman and lots of kids have had good experiences in her classroom. It just is not a good fit for my philosophy of instruction and parent involvement. The other teacher is very progressive in her instruction and would be a great fit. WHAT SHOULD I DO???????????????????
I need your help. . . I need to be proactive but not annoying! This is where my education friends need to pipe in - Carla, Susan, Bev, Suzi, Jody, Terri, Rachelle, Kari, Laura . . . . I could go on and on. And all my friends who have put their kiddos in school (I can't name you all b/c I have to pack:) Please help me! My options are:

a. Write a really nice professional letter.

b. Go and meet with the principal.

c. Work my contacts. I did attend this elementary school. I know so pathetic.

3. I finally registered at Target for Lucia. Some friends are throwing me a big shower so I was encouraged to register. It was fun and not overwhelming like the first time around. We are really going to have a baby here. We did a lot of nesting this weekend. Diapers in baskets, bottles clean and in their own drawer, baby toys in basket in living room. We are ready. . . . where is the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Pink slip. Lucia I am coming to see you in one week! And Grammy Sparkle is coming to sing to you! By the way thanks for all the sweet feedback about the nursery. I got the dress at Baby Gap and the shoes, and oh yeah I went back for the matching hat today . . . i just had to confess that last part.


Anonymous said...

Curt says, "I am sorry Darcy, you are already "that parent", and I am married to another one. Just don't cry when you meet with the principal--Rachelle had already tried that move unsuccessfully." HAHA!!
We know that your boys will be a joy to teach and they will end up with a great teacher, wherever they go to school. I met with Jordan's principal when he was only two years old--she said, "You are the parent of the youngest child I have ever met with ." Great first impression I am sure!!

I am so happy that you and your mom are going on Monday--Lucia will be so glad to see you and Grammy Sparkles.

Love to you all. Mulders

whitney tampien said...

I am so glad you and your Mom are going to see Lucy. When we came by yesterday I could tell how hard it was for you not to be with her. Keep us posted! We will be praying! Also, I LOVE the nursery pictures... they are darling. And I LOVE the bows, especially how they have their own stand!! I need one of those!!! :)

Anonymous said...

O.K. from an "Old Parent-Helper/Mom" GO TALK TO THE SHCOOL!

I helped out in the girls classrooms every year through grade school - Pat did as well when he could - IT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE in their education - we got to know the staff and we knew who was the best fit for our girls. We also got to the know the kids they grew up what I am saying is go with your gut and ASK for the teacher that you think will be best, the one that does believe in parent helpers - pull the strings, WHATEVER. This is about your kids and it makes a difference. Sorry but I really feel strongly about it and I really DO think it made a difference in their education and their love of it...not that you were really asking me :).

Glad you are on your way - PLEASE tell Aaron and Len they can call on us if needed while you are gone. I will plan on coming by with the boys wildlife pack next week.

We are all praying extra hard on the timing - just know it will turn out as he has planned and it will be perfect.

We love you - have a safe trip - we cannot wait to meet her.

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled for you guys and are praying daily!! Love the nursery! Yes, go talk to the principal, request away, they will only be in Kindergarten once! And by the way don't take any more heat about the bows! They're awesome! After my two boys, here came sweet Meredith and a lovely 'pepto bismol' PINK room to go with it...You bow, Girl, bow!...and don't make any excuses!
Love and Hugs to all of you, Belinda and the Montgomery crew

ryan & janny said...

:) we love you!

Julie said...

We are so excited that you get to go!!! And although I have never had kids in school, I think what Patty said sounds great! I agree with her. And then when our kids are old enough to register for Kindergarten, I'll ask you what to do and how it works!

I know you will enjoy every second with Lucy. We will be praying that she will be coming home with you! Isabelle can't wait to meet her (along with the rest of our family!).
Love you!


Kathy Hansen said...

So glad you and your mom are going. I will be praying that you don't have to come home without her.

On the school front, I too requested every teacher my kids ever had - though not sure they let you do that anymore. Never hurts to try - then you know you have done all you can do.


Laura said...


Heck, yes I have opinions about the Kinder options! I can either blurt it all out here for the blogger world to see, or you can give me your personal email address (if you can believe it, I only have your school one). Email me at (and apparently anyone else for that matter who would like to hear my opinions.)
Elijah went through Kinder last year and Ava will be in Kinder next just like the boys so I totally know what you are talking about. I may also be "that parent..."


Anonymous said...

I went and met both teachers for the boys, asked if I could sit in their class periodically and got to know the ladies in the office!! I thought that I was being a pest, but really didn't care because afterall, they were my babies!! Bottom line, I knew where I wanted them and the ladies in the office helped make it happen. But, you know our Kay O! Keep the faith. They will be put where you want them. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily for that pink slip. I put pictures of her by the lookbook because people wanted to see her. I hope that is okay!
Thanks for keeping us posted.

P.s. Love that nursery!