Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New December pictures

She looks like she is 16 years old. We need to go get her.
I love those eyes. They sparkle with JOY!

We got surprise visit pictures this morning. What a great surprise to wake up to. She is looking old. It also looks like she is finally really wearing 3-6 month clothing. Now I really want to know how much she is weighing, so I can start packing. Hopefully it will be a week full of new picuters to get us through this last stretch. Her 6 month doctors appointment pictures should also be on their way. Pray hard for our pink email to come by the end of the week. We have been looking at flights and the sooner we know the better. The last appointment I saw when someone in our agency got pink was for January 14th. If we got our email by the end of the week than maybe we would be picking her up that week also. We worked all weeekend on her nursery. It is really coming together. I can't wait to post pictures of it to see what you think. Pray! Pray! Pray!


Stacy said...

Praying for pink!

~Stacy (adopting Isabella)

Xadie's Journey said...

Hi! I found your post on my friend Jaimee's blog. You guys look like a wonderful, happy family. We are also waiting for PINK. Good Luck!

Bryan said...

I know you won't want me to agree with you, Dars, but she IS getting big. And cuter and cuter. I pray that you find peace knowing that even though the wait is difficult, she will be with you soon and that the wonderful memories of Lucia Jacinta Shean McMurray are only beginning!! You have a lifetime of those beautiful brown eyes to love and cherish.

Pink. Pink. Pink, pink, pink. Pink. Pink, pink. Pink! Pink! Pink!

lindsmurphy1 said...

I love Lucy!! She has grown so much...she does look 16:) Can't wait to hear the news that you received the pink slip and are on your way to pick her up!

Jaimee said...

I can't wait to hear you are PINK! I love the new pictures, Lucia is BEAUTIFUL! I love that brown and white polka dot bow! So precious!!!!


Anonymous said...

Darcy--Loved the new pictures--hopefully she will be here within the month--we cannot wait to meet her. Love, Mulders

ryan & janny said... Lucy, we've been thinking that maybe on your way home you could swing by South Korea for a day or two...what do you think? ...get that cute little bottom over here!

You are so loved Lucy!

Kelsey said...

She is still tiny and perfect Darc!!! I can already tell she's the new McMurray the first picture she's thinking "Look at those crazy brothers of mine"....2nd: "Are they really going to do that??"....3rd: "They totally just did that!!" I love it! I can't believe she will be home next time I see you guys! Ahh!! Forget student teaching, I'm movin' in :-) Post pics of the nursery... I can't wait to see...I love those colors said...

heidi just shared your blog with me! we will be praying for you! how exciting, she is just precious!


The Gordons said...

Hi Darcy and Aaron,

We just flew in from our visit to the country of Jordan and the first thing I wanted to check was your blog! Prayed for you all while we did a biblical tour there in Jordan...lit a candle for you on Mt. Nebo (where Moses went to view the Promised Land...)!
Many blessings to you and your family. The wait is almost over.

Much love,

Laura, Danny, Elijah, and Ava