Saturday, January 19, 2008


Lucia's new best friend at the bed and bath in Antigua. She loved Lucia and wanted to hold her all the time. Infact I left some photos of Lucia for her.

We had a great time in Antigua. It is the most beautiful town. So much history and culture. Amazing food, gorgeous buildings, and beautiful people.
Lucy is such a trooper. She continues to amaze me. She loves to be in the Bjorn and walk and walk and walk. She charms everyone.
Statue in center square of town.

Eating lunch with Grammy Sparkle!

Churches like this everywhere. . . they are magnificant.
Aqua building for Lucy's room. Won't it look great.
On the horse and buggy ride. My mother LOVES horse and buggy rides.
She thinks this is hysterical. Good for a belly laugh everytime.

Check out the cute barrette, my new friend Katie made it for her.
All smiles in the Bjorn.
More gorgeous Antigua.

One problem in Antigua no heat in the rooms. Lucy and I were chilly at night and in the mornings.

She cracks me up with her expressions.
Ok this one was at the Westin, right before we left reading grammy's martha stewart magazine.

Swinging at the bed and bath in Antigua. It had this great lounge swing that Lucy and I spent a lot of time on.
I will post more later, and I have lots to write about Guatemala and all that I love so much about this country. Lucia is truly and angel. She is such a good sport about everything. I pray that she will be as happy in her new life in the US. Miss you all so much.


Kathy Hansen said...

Darcy - what beautiful pictures. I can see why you were so enchanted. And of course, Lucy is radiant as always.


Anonymous said...

Darcy, Lucia and Grammy Sparkles-- I cannot get over how cute you all are--so happy and joyful. I loved Lucia's outfits and hair styles. Curt and I decided she needs to be a model. Much love to you all and safe travels on Monday. You'll be back before you know it. Rachelle

The Boggs Family said...

Oh my gosh, Darcy, you are the best for posting such amazing pictures - they totally capture a beautiful glimpse into your world and life and the joy that you are experiencing! Lucia is utterly precious ... aghh, I am all smiles right now after looking at all your pictures of her! You and your Mom look incredible too, by the way, and it is just heart-warming to no end that God has placed this wonderful baby girl into your lives and hearts forever! Have a great rest of your trip. Love The Boggs crew

Anne said...

Looks like you are having a GREAT time!! When is your Embassy date? I'll be back on 2/7 - will you be there?

Anonymous said...

By the time you read this you will be back...I will check in this week, after you get a little rest-Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your first trip together - What a special way to get started as a McMurray!!! She will love the stories that match the photos someday.


Anonymous said...

Darcy and mom,

thank you for sharing the blessing of this little girl. Grace and I love it. Its a good thing we live in the digital age b/c otherwise you would have had to buy every roll of film in Central America! She's got to be starting to get confused about who her mommy is - foster mom, Darcy, Grammy, Camera. Maybe you should slow it down just a tad so she can start to recognize you without the giant Nikon pertruding from your face. She certainly looks happy though. Can't wait to meet her.

Damian and Grace

Susan said...

Lucy has to be the happiest baby on earth - I'm sure she knows she's going home to her family and fans and who wouldn't be happy!
Can hardly wait to meet her in February.
I think you need to author a book about this journey - your pictures and your text are incredibly emotional. Perhaps in all of your spare time....... :)

whitney tampien said...

I loved all the pictures. I still can't get over how much she looks like you, Darc! :)

lindsmurphy1 said...

What a beautiful city! Lucy looks great and so smart...she's already reading Martha! I love hearing about your history with this city and Guatemala. Your passion inspires me. I can't wait to see more pictures. Tell Lucy hi!!

andrea said...

I just found out about little baby Lucy and was completely overwhelmed by your journey and by her!! She is so absolutely precious, adorable, and did I say incredible?!!
She is so darling I just want to squeeze her!! I bet it is hard for you to put her down!!
I am so excited to hear that she will finally be coming home and I can't wait to see her!(Oh, and you too of course!)
Many blessing to Lucy and your family.

smartypantsless said...

Darcy & Aaron-

I'm a friend of Adam & Cathy's and have been seeing photos of Lucy along this journey through them. I also have a huge heart for Central America (I just moved to El Salvador) and adoption, so I have been praying for you guys all along. I'm so excited that she will be going home soon! I think I will be in Antigua the week you pick her up--taking spanish classes. I will certainly continue to keep you in my prayers and if there are any delays, I would love to meet you all in Guatemala somewhere. My phone number here is 503.7799.8975 or email me at

In His Grace,
-Tina Anderson

DeeAnn said...

Hey Darcy!!! I just spent like two hours staring at Lucia in awe. She is so beautiful. I really hope everything works out and she is home soon.


ryan & janny said...

When can we all go down to Antigua? ...Thanksgiving 2009?!! I just want to cuddle her cute little body!!
love you -janny

Krista said...

We have tears in our eyes! Welcome HOME Lucia! What a beautiful family... a dream come true for all of you!!
We love you,
The Gilberts